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M.A.: Survey Research, May 2003
M.A.: General Psychology, August 2001
B.A.: Psychology, December 1999
A.S.: Criminal Justice, May 1997

Polish was my first language. In the early 2000s, I realized that I needed to practice Polish more often or my language skills would slowly get worse. Even though it wasn't entirely intentional, Polish films became one way I was able to learn more words and practice my listening skills.

With Fire and Sword was the first Polish film I watched. I was very impressed by it and it completely fascinated me. The copy I watched didn't have subtitles but I was able to understand about 3/4 of it. From there, I watched several more from my parent's collection and my interest in Polish cinema took off.

I started writing Polish film reviews in 2003. Back then, there were very few Polish movies out on DVD. In the next couple of years, the number of films available in the United States increased dramatically. It became my goal to review them all.

I still have the same goals. To say I have a passion for what I am doing would be an accurate description. I try to write reviews for at least two Polish films a month.

I plan to revise some of my older reviews before I post them on this website. Please take a look at the "news" page for updates.