Bonsai's Fabio

Best of Winners--Topeka Kennel Club, Judge: Mr Kenneth M McDermott, (3 pt. MAJOR from puppy class)
Best of Winners--Heart of America KC, Judge: Mrs. Suzanne Dillin (1 pt, from puppy class)


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Am CH Bonsai's Gorgeous George
George finished his Championship with 3 majors.

BEST PUPPY-- Pekingese Club of Texas Specialty, Judge Roger Hardinger
RWD--Ft. Worth Kennel Club,Judge Raymond Filburn,Jr
WD & BOW, Texas Kennel Club, Judge David M Krough
BEST OF BREED--Hot Springs Kennel Club, Judge Stephen J. Hubbell
BEST OF BREED--Hot Springs Kennel Club, Judge Mildred K. Bryant
WD & BOW--Ozark Kennel Club, Judge Wayne Morris Thompson-- (3 pt MAJOR)
WD & BOW--Ozark Kennel Club, Judge Mrs. Margaretta Patterson-Kauffman
RWD (to 4 pt. major)--Three Rivers Kennel Club, Judge Sari Brewster Tiejen
WD & BOW--Belle City Kennel Club, Judge Mrs. Loraine Boutwell-- (4 pt MAJOR)
WD & BOS--Sunflower Kennel Club, Judge Joseph E. Gregory-- (3 pt. MAJOR)



Bonsai's Nuff Said
at 7 months old.

WD--Sunflower Kennel Club, Judge James E. Frederiksen--2 pts.





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