WELCOME!  After discovering fashion doll makeovers on the web about 7 years ago I decided to try it and discovered a fun hobby that really fulfills me.  Fashion design, make-up art, hairstyling, painting a feeling of "soul" in the eyes...all on a miniature scale.  I am discovering the joys of photography along the way and have included photo imaging effects I have fun playing with too.  Most of my dolls are thrift store rescues and there is something about the transformative process of finding something neglected and discarded and giving it a new identity.  I hope you enjoy looking at some of my artwork and look forward to making friends with other artists and fans of fashion doll make-overs. Peace, Bonnie Pilon, aka bonnihall.  (bonihall on ebay)
My first gene makeover...full re-root, and trying her out on a jakks body...I like her so much as she really strikes this gothic, medieval vibe....One of my favorite dolls.
comparison pic of gene before alteration
I am amazed by the varieties of images of this doll I was able to create...she lends herself to so many captivating images...such a beauty...
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