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This website has been developed to assist victims and other persons through information. It our intent to assure each person who is experiencing violence at the hands of an intimate partner that:

  • you are not alone

  • you are not to blame and

  • you don't have to suffer in silence and in fear.

The information contained in this website will assist you in identifying physical and mental abuse, the impact it has on victims and children, how to access support systems, how to utilize the judicial system, and how to help you help yourself go on to a life free of violence. If you know someone who is currently suffering within a volatile relationship, they need your support and understanding and we trust the information obtained from this website will be of assistance to you.

For agencies, companies or individuals requiring consultations, lecture, seminars, workshops, development of E.A.P. programs or 'Train the Trainer' facilitations see MILLS ENTERPRISES.

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