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Hello darlings! I'm Babs Bunny and you're not!!

Welcome to my chic little niche on the Net. If you haven't already guessed, I am a MONSTER fan of that adorable androgynous ball of energy known as BOY GEORGE!! So, naturally this page is going to be devoted to him and the rest of Culture Club!

Now, for a bit of history as to how I got into this mess:)..I started liking Boy George when I was 6 as a result of watching a lot of music video shows at that time. This was back in 1983. It's now the present and I'm still a huge fan! He's my favourite singer and Culture Club's my favourite group! (I also like the Backstreet Boys as well, but that's a different story..:)

Well, that's enough explanation for now! Moving right along...

Meet the Culture Club..

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Babs Bunny pic courtesy of Jamie Wilmoth
"sleepy" pics courtesy of STUART ESSOM. Thanks, luv!

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