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hand in hand


   Makes flat a hand till we live the old arts we develop her we

   take her As afriend let her be adequate to the age and this 


   arts he plnted :

             he filled makramia .

             he filled the beads .

             he filled the embroidery .

             he filled the crochet .

             he drilled looking glass .

             he preoccupied the printer :

                                                     on the silk .

                                                     on draper .

                                                     on the glass .

                                                     s work aplek :

                                                                      the wood .

                                                                      the plaster .

                                                                      the wax .

                                                                      the mirror .

                                                                      the plastic .

   or new projects this position and an recommended became

   wide very New thinks affectedness swaggered on


   development his she / you precedes him till he reports the


   visitor all and their societies and their retention of vrine .


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