Past Updates & News

Updated Links......... More to come later this week, lol.. (ok so I lied,04/17/05)

Added Corona Nova's Learning the Trade to the archive. Doujinshi And Fanart updated. Added some new banners to Buttons & Banners.


Wallpapers, links have been updated.

I've just been amusing myself, check out my Personality Tests.

Heya! I got the new Main page up! I was so tired of the old one with the frames. The all pages update continues!

As some of you might have noticed the site is having a massive visual overhaul and thats because I was getting bord with the old colors and styles. Links have been updated and redone too.

The Funny Picture Gallery in the Laugh Gallery is finally up and going and I'm working on some other stuff that should be up within the next little bit.

Hola! As you can see above I've added a Pic of The Week feature to the page so if anybody wants to see something go up Join the Group and put it in your own folder for all to see. If I get enough converts... I mean participants I may make this daily. Other stuff has been done but it's going to have to wait till after Christmas, I have time for nuthen.

I'm baaaaaack! New stuff in the Screenshot Gallery and Phenomenal Dueling. The Chat page and Laugh Gallery have had face lifts because I felt like it. There is more to come.

This will be the last update before my computer gets boxed and sent to my new house so this is what's been done. The Japanese Info and Help section has been tightened up a bit so its not so spread out, Phenomenal Dueling has been updated and expanded ( lots of work is being done there), the Laugh Gallery has new content and a new background, the Affiliates section only went up a little while ago for those who have not seen it yet and last but not least the Links have been updated. Not too shabby huh? Later.

I've been all over the site doing little "fixer up" things but Iv 'e added two new wallpapers, posted new content to the laugh gallery as well as worked a little bit on the Group and Forum. I'm still looking for someone to make buttons and banners for the site. ( I made some but I think we could do better) There's a Fanfiction and fanart contest in the works but only members of the Group are eligible. Rules and whatnot to be posted by the end of Sept.

I updated! It's been a while but I've updated and overhauled whole sections of the site. (mostly where you can't see it) I've added two of Logo's story's to the archive in a new format to make all the story's easier to read. Fanfiction Resources while updated is still under construction. I'm in the process of updating the Links page as well to make for easier navigating. ( That won't show up for a while)

Doing a semi major overhaul at the moment. I've been moving bits around on the site as well as updating or adding new things. The Dictionary is going to be changing in the next little while and is going to be taking up the majority of my time. After that then I'll get back to the fanfiction I swear!

Put up Dictionary, not done yet. Will work on later. Tired. Night.

By bowing to the will of my group members I have improved the page!! Heh, it was suggested that I should move the chatboard to a page of it's I did. There's been a update to the laugh gallery too.

I put a chat box up in Phenomenal Dueling and I'm thinking about putting one up one the main page too. I dunno, I don't want to slow the page down.

Phenomenal Dueling is up and going, though I'm not sure where I'm going with it.

Archived The Mad Fangirls story "The Games Angels Play".

Fixed booboo's from last night ( I think).

I revamped the archive and added a terms section but keep in mind it still needs some TLC. I'll work on it some more tomorrow. Me for bed.

Minor bits and pieces put up. I'm gearing up for a big update.

Updated the Links section. I'll be working on putting some content in the Fanfiction pages as well as adding some nifty little things like contests and tag boards. I'm working on an affiliates section to. (Sigh) I need more free time.

Added a Wallpaper section. Tweaked other bits.

Added new content to the Laugh Gallery and Links section. I also tweaked some other stuff you guys might not notice but slowly but surely the page is coming together. Added stuff to the Picture Gallery as well.

Added a new Doujinshi section today, nuthen scandalous in it ( that will be in another page) so it's safe for all. I'm working on an updates page too so I can put something else in this spot.

It works! It works! I'm running around in happy circles because I finally figured out what I was doing wrong! The stuff in the Laugh Gallery works! I'm so pathetic I know. Now I can move on to other stuff.




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