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Updated June-05-2005

Hello! Welcome to Fanfiction Phenomenal.We aim to have a little of everything here on this website so if you think we're missing something let us know and we'll see about doing something about it.

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Picture Of The Week - June 5th to 12th 2005

Hiya folks! I decided to get my butt in gear so here are the updates. Wallpapers has been updated and expanded for easier download, doujinshi has been updated, The deck construction part of Phenomenal Dueling has been added but not much is there yet. I've continued to condense the site for easier navigating.

Sorry for the lack of updates people! My new job has been.......err making me sleepy. All I wanna do when I get home is eat and go to sleep. I added a new page to Doujinshi And Fanart to keep load time down though.
*I wanna say sorry to all the people who think I've been ignoring them because I'm not, I'm just to tired to think up witty emails.

Obligatory Disclaimer: Blah blah blah. Not ours, any anime, manga, movies, books or television series mentioned on this site are the property of their creators. Fanfiction Phenomenal makes no money from this, We lose way to much sleep doing this.

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