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Welcome to the Antietam web page. This site is a fictional email Simulation site that takes place in the STAR TREK universe. The official launch date has been postponed indefinitely due to "real life" issues with the command staff. Please feel free to browse the site.

The Antietam is a Modified Intrepid Class Federation ship that is used for Star Fleet Marine deployments and carries a company of 150 elite Marines.

The overall mission is to explore and maintain Confederation peace throughout the galaxy. Feel free to browse the site for more information.

The USS Antietam is commanded by Captain Alexander Crowe and Commander Brooke Sora.

For history on the USS Antietam click HERE..

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For more information about Email SIMMING please review the INFO page by clicking on the button to the left. On this page you will find the basic SIM rules and a SIM Guide to download.

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