This page will cover the basic email rules and help you to understand what email simming is and what can and can't be done. Please read through the page to get familiar with the information and then download the SIM Email Course Guide at the bottom. Below are some common questions asked about SIMMING. Please feel free to submit any other questions.

What is email SIMMING?
An email SIM is a FANFICTIONAL role-playing game that gets the user directly involved with unique and original story plots set in the STAR TREK universe.

How do I apply?
First browse the "CREW" page and look for an opening in one of the positions. After you have decided then go to the "JOIN" page and fill out a bio application. Please enter the required information then submit the bio. Your bio will be reviewed and you will be notified no less than 48 hours.

How do I start logging?
Once your bio is approved and you are contacted by the CO or XO you will be added to the ship's group email list. You will then receive all the logs that the crew sends out and the first week is recommended that you read the logs and familiarize yourself with the crew and the way logs are written (writing logs will be covered in the SIM Email Guide).

How do I make rank?
Before your SIM or IC (In Character) can make rank you must complete and pass the basic email SIM Course. Download the guide, read through it, then submit a request to the Captain and a test will be sent to you. Complete the test and then it will be graded. It is open book so use the SIM Guide! As for making rank please view the chart on the SIM guide for requirements.

The above questions are basic. If you have any further detailed questions please contact Captain Alex Crowe and Commander Brooke Sora

Click on the shield to download the Email SIM Guide for the USS Antietam.

Click to download SIMGuide
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If you use mIRC you can also chat with the crew at ship's channel - #USS-Antietam.

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