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Hi! Welcome to our cyber home. We are the parents of twin sons, Anthony here with us, and Zachary in Heaven. You can read all about them in their pages below. We also have two dogs named Jake and Duke. Jake and Duke look like they are Black Labs, but they are actually mixed breeds. (Shh! Don't tell them, they like to think they're pedigreed! ;)

Come on in and take a look around! And don't forget to sign our guestbook before you go!

Rick, Vicki, and Anthony

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Angel Zachary's Page
Vicki's Page
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Note: Due to the 50megs.com web service disappearing without notice, all guestbook entries from January 2001 to July 2001 have been lost! So, if you signed my guestbook during that period and wonder where your entry went, now you know!
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Thank you, Heartland Heart of Gold Award Committee!

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Thank you, Heartland Hallmark Committee!

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Thank you, Heart of the City Committee!

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