Our Children don’t go to School.



Throughout the world, vast numbers of parents who want their children to have an excellent education are refusing to have them subjected to the educationally irrational system of schooling children en masse – and their numbers are multiplying at an astounding rate.  Many of these intelligent and caring parents made it their business to discover as much as they could about learning, education and the practice of mass schooling long before their children reached what society now calls, “School age,” and decided that it would be to their children’s advantage not to attend school.  Most of these parents rightly assert that because of their knowledge of these matters and their love of their children, they had no choice in their decision.


There are also many other parents who don’t send their children to school and had no choice in their decision.  Among these are parents who, from the time their children were babies, encouraged their instinctive love of music, singing, dancing, acting, art, reading, writing, history, mathematics and science.  They also provided them with access to a wide vocabulary, general knowledge and information on hygiene and safety and helped them to develop sound moral values … long before they reached ‘school age’ but believing that children have to go to school and that, at school, their delight in learning would continue to be encouraged and their existing knowledge would broaden and grow, sent them to government owned and operated schools at around the age of five and have, due to abuse perpetrated upon their children within those schools, legally removed them to the nurturing environment of their own homes where, because their children are no longer being subjected to abuse by the mass schooling system, either public or private, they are stripped of funding by the government responsible for abuse of their children and where these parents, while themselves suffering from post traumatic stress, attempt to repair appalling emotional and psychological damage.


All of these parents display every trait necessary for good parenting – great love of their children, commonsense, courage, responsibility and dedication – their children learn in the real world, not in a school, because these parents, for a multitude of reasons, arrived at by use of logic, the science of correct and accurate thinking, reject mass schooling for their children.


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