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‘What about socialisation?’ etc.



Stop bullying children!


Application for 'Registration for home schooling by documentation', New South Wales, Australia - STOP BULLYING PARENTS!



A welcoming and encouraging group for all parents of free children. Information on non-schooling, unschooling, natural learning, progressive learning, alternative learning and N.S.W. 'home' education laws is also available.

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A welcoming and encouraging group for 'home' educating parents of all educational persuasions and those who are interested in following this path. All topics are welcome as are people of any religion and no religion but religious propaganda is not.

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Extracts from 'SCHOOL MANIA'


HomeSchool Help at Sassafrass Grove 



Alternative Learning Organisation - international links available at 'Altlearn Map'


Taking Children Seriously by English psychologist, Sarah Lawrence '


Taking Children Seriously. 'Who wouldn't be "school phobic"?'

by English psychologist, Sarah Lawrence



Unbounded Publications - Home page of Valerie Fitzenreiter, the author of 'The Unprocessed Child'.


Message from an Australian mother.  You are the parent - the Government is NOT!  You CAN take your children out of school.


Homeschool Media Network


Education and Society


The National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children


Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology


Sandra Dodd's Radical Unschooling Page


Online Math Tutoring. Realtime - live!


Australian Home Based Learning

Informative site hosted by Belinda Moore.


Home Education Journey

A not to be missed series of articles by Donna, who is a 'home' educating mother and a qualified schoolteacher. .


The Horror of School


John Taylor Gatto



'The Web Site that brings Attention to the Human Rights of Young People'


'Quotes About the Detriments of Schooling'

Collected by Laurie A. Couture, M.Ed..


reasononline Free Minds and Free Markets

Schools Out - get ready for the new age of individualized education. Article by Daniel H. Pink.


Lewis County Homeschool Group



SCHOOLHOUSE - Home Education Association supporting home education in Scotland.


ARCH - Action on Rights for Children - in Education.


Civics and Politics


Learn in Freedom


Unschool~Kidz! Australian e-zine publishing children's stories, poems, artwork, reviews, and more ... - Teach your children at home! Not to be missed Australian education website.


Home Education in Victoria - Australian Schooling: A History of Social Control by Susan Wight


WILLIAMS MUSIC METHODOLOGY - An excellent music site with free download section.





The Alum Mountain Story:  Australian history site.  The .story of the world’s only above ground crop of alum stone – .includes historical photographs and indigenous information.



Evan Carrall with Dr. Kingsley Dixon, scientist.

My Discovery:  A child who learns naturally tells the story of his discovery of a colony of the Alum Mountain's Rhizanthella slateri.




Gems of the Alum Mountain: Photographs of some of the Alum Mountain’s living treasures.


A collection of verse - written to combat the construction of a freeway through the base of the world’s only above ground crop of alum stone – the Alum Mountain, Bulahdelah.


CHILDREN UNDER THREAT – from proposed highway construction through the foot of the Alum Mountain.  Please help! 


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