Homeschooled?  NO!

Home schooled?  NO!

Home educated?  Educated, yes!  But not solely at home.


They are children who live a normal life.


Children who are:


Free to be ‘just’ children -


Free Children


Many adults found only abject misery during their forced attendance at school and many – although still believing that, because they went to school, they have been educated – have found their education to be insufficient to meet their needs in adulthood.


Yet millions of people, from all walks of life, allow their children to be put through this same system, a system which has, for many years, been outmoded by the ready access every member of our population has to technological devices and other learning tools. (Extract from Born to Learn – Copyright Adele Carrall – 1999.)     Why?  Because not only does the schooling system itself train children to believe that schools ‘educate’, most parents are led to believe that schools and the ‘education’ they proffer have changed since their own schooldays, thereby rendering them incapable of ‘teaching’ their own children.



“But it’s normal for children to go to school, isn’t it!”


No!  It is absolutely abnormal for children to go to school:


It is abnormal for children who have parents to be brought up by strangers – strangers who neither know nor love them.


It is abnormal for children to be brought up surrounded almost entirely by other children – this is not ‘socialisation’, it is forced association.


It is abnormal for childhood to be rife with illnesses caught through forced association.


It is abnormal for children to be ‘classed’ by age – every child is unique, each has their very own likes and dislikes, their own talents, their own intellectual capabilities and their own intrinsic manner of utilising them.


It is abnormal for children to be subservient – children have active intelligence and to force subservience upon them can and does cause a very wide range of mental illnesses.


And not only is sending children to school abnormal, the system of schooling children en masse had abnormal foundations:


‘In Sir Thomas More’s, “Utopia,” which was published in 1516, he described his vision of a perfect world – a world where, “Education,” was compulsory and children, when very young, would, “Leave,” their parents and be brought up by government authorities.  More fantasised that on his island called, “Utopia,” (the meaning of which has various translations, one of which is, “Nowhere,”) society would be, “Happy,” and, “Free from all cares, anxieties and miseries.”  Although he produced four children and was stepfather to one, More not only failed to consider children a part of society but displayed neither thought nor understanding as to the grief, anxiety and misery which would be suffered by the children of a society such as this.


Three hundred and twenty-one years later, Froebel’s, “Kindergarten,” or, “Kleinkinderbeschäftigungs-Anstalt,” (institution where small children are occupied – or busy) was founded in Germany for children aged between four and six and his (and More’s) dream of children, while still babies, being forced away from their mothers and placed in unfamiliar surroundings where they would be supervised by strangers who neither knew nor loved them became, with the introduction of compulsory schooling, nightmare reality for generations of children all over the world who, despite the fact that human progeny, unlike the rapidly developing offspring of most other species, need many years of parental nurturing before they arrive at the stage where separation from their mothers does not create anxiety – which causes problems which range from mild and barely, if at all, discernible, to, in those who are more susceptible to suffering from emotional stresses, many grave psychological problems – were forced, by the establishment of barbarous and ignorant, “Education,” laws, to leave both the safe and nurturing environment of their own homes and the most able and devoted teachers children ever have, their mothers, to attend government owned and operated institutions where, while still babies of around five years of age, they were placed in the ‘care’ of strangers and where, for the remainder of their childhood, all witnessed and many personally suffered, while being, “Educated,” extreme physical abuse.’


Copyright School Mania – Adele Carrall – 2000



“But schools have changed, haven’t they?”


No!  The system of schooling children en masse remains the same today as it has always been – a system based upon neither fact nor logic but upon ancient and cruelly ignorant philosophies:


‘When they first commence their schooling, every child is treated as being absolutely identical intellectually and as having no prior learning experience whatsoever and the schooling program of today, with its relentless repetition and low standards of expectation, does not cater for even those of ‘average’ mental capacity.


Great damage has been and continues to be, inflicted upon children and therefore upon society, by the philosophies of people who lived in a time when it was believed that babies were born blind.  Try making sense of the following:


John Locke (around two hundred years ago) “The mind at birth is a blank tablet.”


Jean Jacques Rousseau (again, around two hundred years ago) Claimed that children’s intellect begins to develop at about 12 to 15 years of age.


Horace Mann (around one hundred and fifty years ago) “ … a human being is not in any proper sense a human being until he is educated.”


John Dewey (over fifty years ago) Claimed that children are not born with a mind which is a, ”Blank tablet,” but are born without thinking faculties.


Not only did people actually believe these inanities, the preposterous concoctions of long dead philosophers and ‘educators’ are responsible for the emotional and mental suffering of generation after generation of children, who were subjected to years of additional boredom and monotony because their intellect was grossly underrated.  And these philosophies are still being put into practice in schools today!


Children are more easily forced into the schooling mould (an essential component of this brutal, fallacious schooling system) if they are treated as something less than human – subordinates who are, without exception, intellectually identical because they were, supposedly, born with blank minds lacking the ability to think and as they are, “Only,” about five years old when they first commence their schooling, haven’t begun to develop intellectually – therefore (as it is a popular misconception that most parents, not being schoolteachers, couldn’t possibly have, “Taught,” their own children anything at all) know absolutely nothing when they first arrive at school.’ 


Copyright – Born to Learn – Adele Carrall – 1999. 


And – due to the irrational philosophy from around two hundred years ago that children don’t begin to develop intellectually until they reach the age of 12 to 15 – the first seven years in today’s schooling system remain, as they have always been, the cruellest of all.




“Teachers aren’t like they used to be; they’re not allowed to be cruel to children, are they!”


The system of schooling children en masse is, in itself, viciously cruel and although there are some schoolteachers who don’t deliberately abuse children, in today’s schools the bad outnumber the good and the bad, who use shouting and vicious tongue lashings in place of the cane and ruler, not only damage the reputation of all teachers, they cause permanent emotional and psychological damage to every child in their ‘class’ room.   


Schoolteachers receive ‘training’ which, if you went to school for thirteen years, only exceeds yours by around three years.  Their ‘training’, however, teaches them nothing at all about the child you have had personal experience in nurturing for five or so years.   And not one of them – good, bad or indifferent – loves your child.


Do you still think that today’s schools aren’t as bad as schools used to be?  Here is some further:




I know that I once stood in hell,

And watched the children there,

With teachers spawned in hell itself,

Teachers who didn’t care …


And as they learned their lessons,

On brutality and abuse,

Some babes discovered rapidly,

To put them to their use …


Oh, how those children suffered,

While tortured in that hell,

Where teachers doled out misery,

And ‘O.D.D.’ as well.


What’s that?  You don’t know O.D.D.!

It’s the latest in the trend,

To label children’s actions,

When they will not bend …


To a brutal schooling system,

Which, with ideas insane,

Attempts to alter children,

So they all end up the same …


And puts their minds upon a rack,

Of ages chronological,

Which teachers turn to stretch or shrink,

With methods so illogical …


That countless minds and countless souls,

Are twisted, torn and battered,

Their talents lost, their gifts ignored,

And countless lives are shattered.


It isn’t just the teachers,

Who disobey the rules,

Of human rights for children,

And consider parents fools …


And it isn’t just the system,

Designed in ancient years,

Long before we had computers,

That make my heart shed tears …


In the children’s tortured faces,

I can see the realization,

That life’s made not worth living,

By this dreadful combination.


And just who will have the courage,

To rid them of this scourge,

Before more parents listen to,

Their own child’s funeral dirge?


Copyright School Mania – Adele Carrall – 2000



“But if children don’t go to school they miss out on socialisation!  Don’t they?”


… such things as playground bullying, bomb threats, schools being set on fire, shootings, suicides and the consumption of illegal drugs are, very often, results of both the abusive schooling system we still have in place today and its method of forcing children to associate almost solely with other children for over six hours a day, five days a week, forty weeks a year.


… true socialisation is achieved by living in the real world, learning about human society and the environment by many methods, including associating with people of diverse chronological ages and experience …


(free children, children who aren’t schooled) live in the real world, learning verbal and social skills by absorption and example from caring adults, rather than other children [and] usually have such well developed knowledge of society, its customs and beliefs and such mature verbal communication skills that they are able to relate well to people of all ages, just as we have to in our adult lives.


Copyright BORN TO LEARN – Adele Carrall – 1999.


Perhaps you meant ‘playing with other children’, rather than ‘socialisation’?


Where do schooled children ‘play’ with other children?  Children who are at the very beginning of their incarceration in schools are forced to ‘play’ with other children in the kindergarten room.  ‘Lord of the Flies’ and ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ were written in response to ‘Utopia’ and this is the type of ‘play’ in which the little ‘Lilliputians’ are forced to participate, in both the kindergarten room and in the ‘playground’, where, in the ‘care’ of an inadequate number of teachers (many of whom spend their time on ‘playground duty’ talking to each other), schooled children of all ages are forced to gather to learn ‘playing’ techniques from other children.  And the remainder of their playing is not during school hours.


Forced association is not socialisation!




“If children don’t go to school how do they learn?”


‘Schooled children have an absolute maximum of two hours a day to participate in anything even remotely resembling educational matters and those two hours have so many interruptions that time available for learning at schools is actually one hour or less per day – and this short amount of time is shared with about thirty other children.  Children who go to school have only two minutes or less per day available to them for tuition on a one to one basis and because some schooled children take up more of teachers’ time than others, many children at school have virtually no individual attention whatsoever.  Children who learn naturally (as children do before they go to pre-school or school) are usually learning for fourteen or more hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year and have individual attention to their education on a one to one basis whenever it is required.  They learn because learning is instinctive in the human race.’


Copyright BORN TO LEARN – Adele Carrall – 1999.



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