Free Children


Free to laugh and free to play,

Free to learn from every day.


Free to grow in glowing health,

Free to learn from life itself.



Click onto freeing children from an archaic and educationally irrational schooling system.  Click on – to:


·      Why ‘Free Children’?

·      Why do we educate our children?

·      Our children don’t go to school.

·      Reality

·      The Ignorance of Officialdom.

·      From the present to the past.

·      Learning

·      Frequently asked questions.

·      Links – including link to ‘Stop Bullying’.


Youth Allowance and Home Education - Is your child about to turn 16? An article for Australian home educators.


Children under threat from proposed highway construction through the Alum Mountain, Bulahdelah, New South Wales, Australia.  To help please click here.




Free Children


To learn as nature intended:

From real life in the real world in the nurturing presence of those who love them more than life itself – their parents.


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A welcoming and encouraging group for all parents of free children. Information on non-schooling, unschooling, natural learning, progressive learning, alternative learning and N.S.W. 'home' education laws is also available.

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A welcoming and encouraging group for 'home' educating parents of all educational persuasions and those who are interested in following this path. All topics are welcome as are people of any religion and no religion but religious propaganda is not.

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