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Welcome to Jäger's Homepage

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"Freund des Jägers Anne-Marie von Holbrook CGC"

Hi, and welcome to my chunk of the web. My name is Jäger. I am a 4 year young, Rottweiler, bitch. My name is a German name that means 'Friend of Hunters'. Jäger, is pronounced 'YAY-ger' like the famous, American X-1 Pilot. I respond to "Jäger", "Jagger" and "Jag", but you can call me "Sweetheart" too.

Jäger's Story

When I was 9 months young I was dropped off at the MSPCA (Massachuettes Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) by my original owners. The Staff at the MSPCA took real good care of me. They wanted to find me the best home with the best 'parents' possible. Then one day a couple came in to visit me. They were a friendly looking pair. I gave them the 'eyes'. The guy fell to the ground outside my kennal and I gave him big kisses through the chainlink fence. The girl put her face down and I gave her big kisses. Then the funny looking guy on the floor got up, whispered to his girlfriend and ran out of the room. The nice lady stayed there with me and we started 'bonding'. Then he came back into the room with the director lady. I could see the collar and leash. YAY! My tail is wagging now!

They put the stuff on me and he took my lead and we went into this big classroom with smooth waxed floors. When we got inside the classroom he let go of my lead and ran across the room, sliding on his back up against the windows. I chased him and slid into him. He said something to me. "MY PUPPY!!! BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE?" I gave him many kisses. That was my way of saying "YES!" Then the lady said "Barry, come over here and sign these papers. "Well, I being probably the World's Smartest Rottweiler, knew what she was talking about, ran over, jumped up onto her and started kissing her. Barry joined us for the signing and said, "Robin, I love her! Can I keep her? Do you like her? Please? Can we?" He was a babbling fool. He didnt know that Robin already told me that "I was the ONE."

I now have a great place to live with people that love me alot. Robin has been a really, really, good Mom. Barry has been good too! I am going out for my walk now. I am training Barry how to "Bei Fuss" or as the Americans say "heel". When I get back I will have links to other Rottweiler sites and information. I will add a link for Robin and Barry so I can show eveyone about my parents. I will continue later...first I have a meeting at the hydrant. Bye! for now.


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