Sent to me by Dira!
Gourry sits next to Amelia. Shame Shame!

Toonz by moi! Sorry for the hard to read lettering.
I couldn't have said it better, Zel!
All right, Zel! Defend your princess, wahoo! ^^
Awww, isn't that sweet?!

Sent by Angie-chan!
Oh my.... O_o
A scene from Cinderchimera gone terribly wrong.
So, does the shoe fit, Mr. Zelgadis?
It would if it were about FIVE SIZES LARGER!
Now this looks familar. . .
Apparantly, neither Gourry nor Lina have seen Lady and the Tramp.
You tell him, Lina!
This is me if I ever get my Gourry-doll....
Has anyone seen my Zelgadis plushie doll around? I can't seem to fins it anywhere!
Oh my, the Pokemon craze has reached even the Slayers gang!
Zel definantly needs to use Noxima....
Apparantly, Amelia and Lina need to go to beauty school.

Begged off of Renfield!
Amelia makes a comment. Actually, more along the lines of "Amelia discovers something about Zel's . . . sword."

Gag me, go back!

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