Throughout Slayers community, and especially among the Zel/Lina fans, there has been a lot of . . . "discussions" about the fact that Amelia glomps Zelgadis all through out all three seasons of Slayers.  This is especially prevalent in the fan fiction that is written, mainly Zel/Lina fics, but I've noticed it in a few Zelame fics, as well.  So, being the curious person and Amelia supporter that I am, I decided to go through all three seasons of Slayers and count how many times Amelia touches Zel, and vice versa.  I also went one step further and logged every time one blushed because of something the other said or did.  Take my advice, though, don't EVER try to do a marathon of all three seasons unless you have a good cup of coffee or a nice lovely Dr. Pepper handy.  Seeing as how I've basically given up sodas, and I don't drink coffee, I had a bit of a problem until I started breaking up the marathon hours with the occasional cat nap.  @.@

Now, how I rated these "touch points" was based on several things.  One, the touching HAD to be deliberate, and by deliberate I mean it couldn't have been an accident such as when Amelia fell on top of Zel inside the golem factory in the first season.  Two, I determined touch points by the length of time one was touching or holding the other.  Three, there are one or two exceptions to these rules I set up, simply because in the act of accidental touch, a deliberate touch was issued.

As a final note, I know I'm probably going to be given some flack about all this from the Z/L group, and I'm going to say here and now that I'm writing what I saw.  If you can't deal with it, then don't come here.  I'm sick and tired of apologizing for my beliefs to a group who supports ALTERNATIVE couples, when in truth those of us who support Gourrina and Zelame are the ones who are right.  Ask the Japanese Slayers fan community.  After all, they're the ones who would know better, correct?

Touches and Blushes

As always, start from the beginning.  These are the observations I made during the first season of Slayers.

Episode 21 - Zel grabs Amelia's wrist to pull her from the wall trap in Rezo's laboratory.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Amelia lands on Zel when they materialize in the Golem Factory.  Zelgadis blushes as a result. 0 touch points Zel - 1 blush point.

Episode 23- Amelia touches Zel as she runs in front of him to throw up a shield, and is blown backwards into him by the attack.  Amelia blushes after Zel yells at her then says, "Good grief."  Amelia - 1 touch point, 1 blush point.

Episode 26 - Zel blushes after he imitates one of Amelia's speeches in the underground passages.  Zel - 1 blush point.

Zel shoves a very embarrassed Amelia out of Kopii's way after Kopii said, "Young Lady, don't you know it's impolite to point?"  Zel - 1 touch point.


Episode 2 - Amelia grabs Zel around the waist when she's startled (along with everyone else) by Xelloss' sudden leap into their midst.  Amelia - 1 touch point.  Btw, this is the ONLY time I've ever seen ANYTHING that can be called a glomp being performed by Amelia.

Episode 3 - Amelia lightly holds onto Zel's shoulder as Demia screams and rants. (Can't blame her).  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Episode 4 - Zel boinks Amelia on the head after she gave her dissertation about how villains always wear black.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Amelia braces lightly against Zel's back during Halcyform's attack when they were separated from the others.  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Episode 5 - Zel grabs Amelia (and Gourry) and yanks them down to take cover when Lina casts the Blam Gush.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Amelia blushes when Zel starts to walk towards her when they were in the underground sewer/water system.  Zel smacks her out of the way of the big spider's attack.  Amelia - 1 blush point, Zel - 1 touch point.

Zel blushes when Amelia remind him that they were wrapped up by the big spider.  Zel - 1 blush point.

Episode 7 - Amelia was blushing when they tossed Zel overboard as an anchor.  Twice.  Amelia - 2 blush points.

MEGA blush, grin and heartbeat overlapping the dialogue when Amelia and Ashford discuss giving Zel mouth to mouth.  Zel - 2 blush points (hey, he blushed for quite a while)

Amelia hits Zel three times to get the barnacles off.  Amelia - 3 touch points.

Episode 8 - Zel blushes when Amelia calls them the four allies of justice.  Zel - 1 blush point.

Zel grabs Amelia around the waist to get her to safety when Kanzel attacks.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Episode 9 - Zel gets embarrassed over his paux fas with his comment about Amelia's family.  No noticeable blush, but he plays with his fingers and stutters.  0 blush points.

Episode 13 - Zel is smashed into Amelia during Kanzel's attack.  0 touch points.

Amelia shoves against Zel's back when Gourry asks Lina to think about his feelings.  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Amelia is smashed into Zel during Kanzel's attack, and Zel wraps his arm around her to catch her.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Zel is blown into Amelia and apologizes.  0 touch points.

Episode 15 - Zel blushes when Amelia attacks Lina and Gourry when she's frightened over Xelloss story.  Zel - 1 blush point.

Amelia blushes when Zel turns to her first in the game, End Catcher.  Zel blushes as well (poor Zel, that was a toughie).  Amelia - 1 blush point, Zel - 1 blush point.

Episode 16 - Zel's hands touch Amelia's as he takes the Brass Racket trophy from her.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Episode 17 - Amelia had to touch Zel to get him "dressed up" for Femile.  We don't see it, so it can't really count, but I honestly doubt that Zel would have let anyone else touch him and stick him in a dress.  ^_^

Amelia grabs Zel around the waist to keep him from walking off in a huff because he's in a dress.  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Episode 21 - Zel grabs Amelia when she's hurt by Saygram's attack.  He would have lifted her up and cradled her to him if Lina hadn't stopped him.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Episode 22 - Zel looks like he had his hand on Amelia while Milgazia was healing her, but it's hard to tell. 0 touch points.

 Zel grabs Amelia to protect her from Garv's blow, and hangs onto her as he's thrown into the mountain. Zel - 1 touch point.

Amelia has her hands on Zel's chest while Garv laughs in her face.  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Episode 25 - Zel touches Amelia after she was smashed in the head protecting him.  He then pulls her to him while casting the Befis Bring, and is STILL holding onto her when he starts running off down the underground passages.  This is the second longest touching sequence, and it lasted a full 32 seconds, including Martina's yelling after them to wait for her.  Hey, Zel's footfalls were too regular sounding to suggest that he had stopped to put Amelia down along the way.  ^^  Zel - 3 touch points.  Amelia - 2 blush points (she blushed an awful long time.  ^^)

Zel grabs Amelia and pulls her to him, holding her as she "dies," including shaking her hoping she'll "revive."  This is the longest touching sequence between the two, lasting a full minute and six seconds between the time he picks her up and then sets her down to launch his own attack.  Zel - 7 touch points.

Episode 26 - Amelia blushes when Zel teases her about wanting to be a hero of justice after she says she wants to be a bride.  Anyone else remember a certain princess yelling that she wanted to be the hero who saved the princess instead of being the princess waiting to be saved in Episode 1?  Amelia - 1 blush point.


Episode 1 - Zel has Amelia underneath his arm when he throws life savers over the side of the ship to the drowning sorcerers.  Zel - 1 touch point.

Episode 2 - Amelia has a hold of a very out of it Zel after he stopped a cannonball with his head.  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Episode 4 - Amelia hits Zel over the head with a sword.  No touch points, but it's funny.  ^_^  Never ask a girl how much she weighs.

Amelia touches Zel the whisper her weight in his ear.  Amelia - 1 touch point.

Episode 7 - Amelia pats Zel on the shoulder after Filia tells him the destruction of the Sanctuary was his fault.  Amelia - 3 touch points.

Episode 24 - It looks like Amelia is trying to pull Zel from the rubble when Lina does her Nahga impersonation, but it's hard to tell if she's holding onto him or trying to move rocks out of the way.  No touch points.

So, that's all the ones that I noticed.  If I missed any, feel free to tell me about it and I'll re-tally my scores.  ^_^



Amelia - 15 touch points all total.
Zelgadis - 22 touch points all total.  (take away the extra points I added due to time, and the two come out nearly even)


Amelia - 8 blush points all total.
Zelgadis - 8 blush points all total.

So, there you have it.  The results of my little experiment.  Hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you'll excuse me, I think I'll go collapse for about 24 hours.  *passes out, swirly eyed*

 I can't belive how lame you are, take me back!

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