Awww, isn't that cute? Zel gave her candy, and they're both blushing. ^.^

In episode four of NEXT, when Halcyform attacks the group, they once again separate into standard couples. My favorite scene is when Amelia is telling Zel how they shouldn't be hiding, and goes into a justice speech. Zel starts to get exasperated with her, and after she gives a speech about how the burning justice of their souls could defeat any evil, Zel says, "What about in reality?" Amelia continues her rant, until Lina and Gourry explode into their hiding area, closely followed by Halcyform.

In order to keep this from becoming a series of episode synopsis, I think I'll just put down some points that I noticed in regards to Zel and Amelia. Zel seems to smile more when he's in her company, and he's blushed more times where she's concerned than with any other female in the series. I can't be sure, because I haven't seen the episode yet, and it'll probably be several months until it comes out (it's in the final episode of NEXT), but Zel was either flirting with Amelia, or he said something that really embarrassed her, because there's a picture where he's grinning at her and she's looking away with an annoyed look on her face and blushing. Zel can never seem to stay mad at Amelia, no matter how annoying she can get (Yes, I'm aware she can be pretty annoying, especially when her Dad's around. More about that in Amelia And Her Father), and he also seems willing to put up with that nut case, Prince Phil.

Zel and Amelia can also manipulate Lina into doing what they want. For example, in episode four of NEXT, when the group had discovered that Halcyform was the bad guy, Amelia, Gourry, and Zelgadis are all for going after him. Lina, however, isn't so thrilled, because Halcyform was reputed to use human people for his experiments. Amelia is about to go into "lecture" mode, when Zel calmly remarks that it was a pity they did all that work for Tarimu and Damia, and didn't get paid. Amelia then sidles up to Lina, and says that Zel's correct, and now that Tarimu and Damia are in prison, they most likely wouldn't get paid, period. Lina reacts like they wanted her to, and declares that she's going to go after Halcyform. They really pulled a good one over Lina Inverse that time, one of the few times anyone ever got her to do what they wanted, and not what she wanted (which in this case was to ignore the situation).

Ick, to much sweetness! Take me back!

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