New SD Self portrait of yours truly. I'm hugging a book entitled "Lemons" which you can't see very well. ^^;;;

What's new?

June 3, 2008 - Holy . . . ok, yeah, it's been a long while. Does anyone still come here? *crickets chirp* Ok . . . Anyway, NEW SLAYERS SEASON TO START UP SOMETIME SOON, SQUEEEE! If I'm reading Anime News Network correctly, it's going to start airing in Japan July 2 of this year. BOOOYAH! It's called Slayeres Revolution, and will star our favorite Fruity Four. XD Also, I missed this one, there's something called Meet Again which was an hour long two part special film available on Japan. According to Wikipedia "In the March '07 issue of the Japanese Monthly Dragon Magazine, it states that if customers buy all three Slayers series in Japan, they will receive a new Slayers film with them. It supposedly focuses on the romance between Lina and Gourry. This new film has two parts. First part is 25 minutes of scenes from all three Slayers series. The second part is a two minute feature "Meet Again, sung by Megumi Hayashibara" with Lina and Gourry running on the beach. Zelgadis, Amelia, Xellos are there too." Wish I could see it. I shall now go hunting.

Anyway, I don't know if this means a revival of this site or not, I have to watch the series to decide. It also depends on whether or not I can get away with spoilers. ^^;; So, here's links to two Japanese websites with Slayers Revolution ads on them. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/slayers-r/ and http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/slayers_revolution/ Copy and paste, I'm too brain fried to remember how to use the proper html codes. So MUCH has changed since my last update.

July 4- Um, yeah, I'm a really bad webmistress. >.< At least I'm a working webmistress, but seeing as how I work for one of the crookedist towns on earth, it's a wonder we haven't been featured on national TV. ^^;; Small update, just cleaning out the links page, took out the broken links that led no where, fixed a few links that for some reason NEVER SHOWED UP ON THE *BLEEPING* PAGE WHEN I ADDED THEM, and added in a linke to Isabel's fanart page (Lord, it took my bloody long enough, I'm so sorry, Isabel!) along with a link to my weblog for those of you who, for some strange reason, wanna know what I'm up to. *mutters* Psychos. ^_~ I'm also, once I find my password for the fanart page, gonna start trying to make some more room in that section. Zanne recently pointed out to me that all of her pictures are HUGE GIF files, and that I could probably regain about half of my space in there if I reduced their size a bit (maybe, I like them large) and change them from GIF to JPG, so I'm going to hopefully get that done this weekend. Now where did I put my password . . . And I don't know what's going on with my guestbook, I'm going to look into it. Worse comes to worse, I'll get a new one. >.<
On a bit of a more sober note, I can't remember if I mentioned it, but about two years ago I was diagnosed with Chronic Tension Headaches. I THOUGHT they had left, but apparantly not because the other day I got a migrain, which I hadn't had for about a year. >.< So keep your fingers crossed that they don't come back. That's about it, I said a lot for something so little, huh? Yeesh. Take care, all!

September 14- Small update. I added a link in the links section to Renfield and RackhamRose's MST site. If you haven't been there yet, I really suggest you should go. They really rip apart badly written Slayers, Trigun, Escaflowne, and Sailor Moon fics. *snicker* They're a riot. ^_^ Take care!

September 9- Hola folks! Quick little notice, Spike emailed his revised fics, so they're now a bit different than what they were originally, I suggest you check them out. ^_^ Also, I added a link to his fanfic page, where you will find more of his stories, go there. ^_^ You might wonder why I used the Gourrina banner instead of the Zelame one. Well, I"ve always wondered what the Slayers reactions would be if they ever came across some of our stories (heh, especially the Lemons *snicker*) and I think that particular picture embodies what I imagine their reactions would be. Cute, ne? ^_^ Take care!

September 4- Well, it's amazing what you'll find when you clean out your mail box. O_o Over 1,000 messages later (and no, I'm not kidding about that) I came across several fanfics that had been sent to me over the past, oh, two years. Whoops. -_-;;; A huge apology to those of you that sent these to me, I'm sorry I never got them up. Let's see, the new authors who sent me stories in 2000 are Stuart, Thomas, and Katagi. I dunno if the emails I have for them still work or not. *sigh* Also, new fic by Crystal, which was also sent about two years ago, entitled "Wedding" and a new fic by Rina-chan (about two years old) entitled "Marie." Also, the final chapter of "Price is Righteous" is up, things in parenthasis () are thoughts. Let's see, I think that's pretty much it. Take care, everyone!

August 28- Hiya Minna-san! Update update update, whoo! Let's see, new fanfic author in the fics area, named J (which might change) with two parts to a three parter fic entitled Price is Righteous. As the title suggests it's the Slayers gang playing The Price is Right. And then, DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUNNNN! A new LEMON by yours truly! It's Heart of Gold, the last in my lemon set that I will be writing unless for some reason I get massively inspired by something. To be honest I'd rather concentrate on my longer mutliparter Fear, which has sadly been neglected these last few months. Contrary to hopeful belief, Heart of Gold is not a Filia fic. It's another Zelame. Gomen na. Also, I did some rearranging on the fics page. If you're like me, you were getting a little tired of trying to find out where the author's were in that sea of blue links. Well, this little guy helps in that he now marks where each new author's list of works begin. ^^ Cute, isn't he? Hmmm, think I"ll get some tea. Hope you guys enjoy, and remember to stop by the Message Board! ^_^

July 31- Hallo! Once again it's before 12. ^^ Anyway, added three more links to my links page, which I'd been promising these folks I'd do for the past, oh, month or so. Heh, gomen. Hmm, updates in my personal life are rather nil, other than I'm still unemployed and looking for a job. Yay. ^^ Go see the new links!

May 1- Konbawa! *looks at clock* Yep, still before 12 a.m. ^_~ I've convinced *hides her whip behind her back* Kebinu-san to let me post his oldest Slayers work, and its shiney self is on the fanfic page. It's entitled "Top Ten signs you’re on a blind date with a Slayers character" And it is way way cute! Go read! ^^

April 25- Hello minna-san! Guess what! Kebinu-san wrote another parody fic, WHOOO! Go check it out in the fanfic section, it's called "A Dim Lad", and it's hystarical! Go Kebinu-san! *hides cat o' nine tails o' inspiration* Just a warning, it's definantly slightly limish scented with lots of innuendos and the like. *cackles* I also added a direct link to Elderdrake's longer Slayers work, Slayers REVOLT: The calm Before. Go, read, and review! I love that little function on ff.net. *cackles* Until next time, Minna! *hears, "There's a NEXT time?!"* Er, hopefully. ^_~

March 16- Hello! A small update, but an update none the less. I finally got off my lazy tush and added in Stacy's webpage, the Lemon Meringue Pie. If you're looking for lemons, any lemons, any pairings (sort of, I think she has alt pairings on this page, though the TRAD far out number them), then go to her page. And check out the fanart, blush at the suggestive pictures, and email her and tell her how cool she is. ^_~ I really REALLY like the banner she made. Isn't it CUUUTE?

March 11- Hey guys, Alyson here from work. I just added a link to Elderdrake's sweet Z/A fic entitled Seashore. If you haven't had a chance to read it yet, please do so and then post a review since it's a direct link to ff.net. ^^ What are you doing still reading this? Go read Elderdrake's fic! *taps her foot* GET GOING! ^_~ TAke care!

March 10- The Message Board is back up! There will probably still be some hiccups as the Bravenet folks continue to do finalizing checks and the like, but for all intents and purposes I think the board is back up for business. Thanks so much for you patience, Minna-san!

March 4- I uploaded Fear chapter 12 on ff.net for those of you that are interested.

About the message board, the Bravenet service it self it down. Here's the letter that they have on their site explaining the situation. I don't know when the Message Board will be back up, hopefully it will be soon. ^^;;
TAke care!

"On Saturday March 2, we detected an unauthorized breach into the Bravenet server system. As a result, we have temporaily disabled outside access until we are confident that the integrity of the server system has not been compromised.

At this time, we cannot give you an exact time frame for when all services will be restored to normal, as we not only are analyzing security issues, but we also want to ensure that there are no malicious files or corrupt data on the servers when the system is restored. As our server network is very large, it will be an enormous, round-the-clock task to review each system. Unfortunately, we expect this will take several days.

While we understand that this inconveniences members and visitors alike, it is imperative that we are 100% confident that we can restore public access, and ensure normal and secure operation once more.

We have experienced minimal data loss, but we are doing our best to recover as much as we possibly can. We have put together a page of common questions and a way to contact us below.

Thank you for your understanding, we are working as fast as we can."

December 3- No wonder I can never do Spring Cleaning. I usually do it all in the winter. Hello again minna-san! Yes, this is correct, update! Another small one of general maintance standards, I've added a link to P-chan and Silvy's page, as well as finally added the new link for the new guestbook. YOu can still see my old one, but now the new one needs entries. ^_^ Take care!

November 28- Hiya Minna-san! You can stop fainting now. -_~ Mostly just doing some maintance and cleaning up around here. I added a link to ff.net and changed around the link to anipike. My next project is to tackle the non-working guestbook (which will be later because i"m going outta town). I also finally got around to adding Fear: The Unexpected Exil onto ff.net, and there's a link to that (that's hopefully working) in the fanfiction page. I also cleaned out a lot of the broken links in the links area as well. Nothing like, um, Winter Cleaning. Now if only I could get motivated to clean my room. Yeesh. Take care, minna!

August 30- Sorry about the board vanishing, minna. It's now back up and running, and if it isn't, please let me know ASAP so I can begin smacking my head against my moniter in frustration, then see if I can figure out what's wrong. ^^ Take care!

August 29 P.S.- Ok, I know the forum is acting weird. Honestly, I don't know what's up. I updated the URL (thanks for telling me, Bravenet) and thta's not really working now, either. *sigh* I'm gonna leave it for, um, 24 hours before I get ahold of them. I'm sorry, minna!

August 29- OH MY GOD, BE STILL MY HEART! *pause* Um, please be still, no more panic attacks! *cough* Yes, minna, this is an update. A small one, and no, it doesn't signal a sudden surge of updates to come (gomen) but Kebinu-san sent me his delightful fanfic The Trickster of 'Oss, and after reading it, and laughing my ass off, I just HAD to post it here because as far as I know it's not up anywhere else in cyber space which is a crying shame. So here it is! I also took down the links and banners for the writing guilde awards, as well as the two links and banners to the guildes on my front page. I'm not real sure anymore if they even exist. I think the Gourrina one does, but as for the ZelxAmelia one, well, your guess is as good as mine. *sigh* So, anyway, enjoy the new fic! Take care!

August 24- Just had the straw that broke the camels back. I was alerted that my horse is injured and in some serious pain, and let's just say that's it. The shrine, which I have been sadly lacking on updates, is closed until further notice (when and if I ever get my life on track). So please, don't send in fanart and fanfiction. I'll leave everything up as it is, but there won't be any updating, though I will be patrolling the board and you may see me there.

Special note, GeminiWing, I apologize for my rude and uncalled for response to your postings, though I didn't, and still don't, appreciate your posts or your email. Now, I'm asking politely, please leave me alone.

June 24- Well, it's been two years since TPTC was officially opened, and during that time we've seen a revolution regarding a sudden out pouring of support for not only Zel/Amelia fandom, but also Gourrina fandom, as well. Interesting, huh? ^_^ There have also been personaly changes that have taken place, my older sister got married in December to a wonderful man, and in May I graduated college (heaven help the world!). Now I'm currently trying to find a career in the publishing industry, with a part time job on the side to keep me from going completely broke. ^^ So for the time being, until I'm in a stable financial situation and able to sit back and relax enough to enjoy the things I like to do most (such as updating this page, and reading fanfiction again) TPTC won't be updated. I don't know when I can start updates again, I'm *hoping* that it won't be to long. But until then, please have patience with me and my page. Take care, minna, and you can still find me on the message board. I still lurk around a bit. ^_^

April 16- All right, minna, this is a very small update to kind of let you know what's been going on and yadda yadda. Some of you may have seen Isabel's post on my Message Board about the Japanese fanart, and I then got emailed about it, so I went ahead and took it all down in respect to their wishes. But that means I now have more room for everyone elses fanart. ^_^ Also, life has been overwhelmingly busy. My sister got married in December, and then I started my final year of college. Which I graduate from on May 5th, and then it's into the real world. So I have no idea when I'll be able to turn my attention back to updating. But yes, I will be updating again sometime in the future. Until then, enjoy what's here, and please keep sending me stuff. I just won't be able to post it. Take care!

October 20- Hi Minna! No update, I just needed to let you know that both of my wrists are hurting really badly whenever I'm typing, and I've been informed that it's most likely Carper's Tunnel Syndrom. So I'm going to be going into a pair of wrist splints and having to cut back on my typing. Which means I won't be able to reply to my emails the way I usually try to, and my stories and sequels to the current stories in the works will be coming along at a much slower pace. Like that's anything new for you guys. ^^;; Well, anyway, I'm going to go take a pain pill and hope that my damn wrist stops hurting. Take care, minna!

October 1- Hello, Minna! Small update today, looks like the wonderful school blues has depressed everyone and their writing, since I haven't gotten any new fics and very few pieces of fanart from people. The pieces of fanart that I have received I can't post yet due to the fact that I hae officially run out of room on the fanart page, and am looking for a new place to host it. The main page itself will not be moving, just the fanart section. Haveing said that, there's a new link in the linkes section to Esther's page, Slayers Library of Creativity. It's great! ANd a new fic by yours truely entitled, "In your eyes . . ." and no, it's not a song fic and it's the first of a trilogy I'm curretnly working on. HOpe you guys enjoy! See you next month!

September 9- HOLY cow, it's been ages since I last updated! As most of you know, school's started which always means depression and overwork for Alyson-chan (not to mention everyone else who's gone back to school, too O_o) Due to the fact that this semester is already shaping up to be ten times worse than last semester (15 novels to read in ony 16 weeks, ugh) I'm going to be putting the shrine into a state of Semi-Dormancy. What this means is, unlike when I was in Europe, I will still be accepting fanart and fanfics, but the updates will only happen very rarely. I am, however, shooting for trying to maintain updates at least once a month. Sa, keep sending the stuff to me, minna! Speaking of stuff, there are six new fanfics in the library. Voices and Tears are by a new fanfic author Rana-chan, Bride 2 Be or Not 2 Be is by new fanfic author Pika-chan, Promise To Be Kept is by new fanfic author Catriana, and Heart Will Go On and Dreams are by Crystal. I was also sent six new pictures for the picture gallery by Diane-chan and Lynda-chan, and be sure to check out the links to their pages. They're wonderful! Take care, and see you next month!

July 29- Hi Minna-san! Update for you guys, I'm leaving on Tuesday for sixteen days and won't be here. ^_^ GUESS WHAT! MIHO, AUTHOR OF "WHAT IS LOVE" IS NOW BACK ON THE INTERNET! She sent me her new email addy, so now you can go email her! Yay! Also, two new fics by WArmask, REzo's Legacy and Smuggler's Road, and a new fic by Tux's Girl, Cure of Love: Amelia's Clash. Go read and enjoy, minna! Also, you've probably noticed a lack of formatting on the new fics. Well, I discovered my Netscape Composer, and instead of hand coding everything and taking FOREVER and a day to get stuff coded, I started cutting and pasting. Saves time. Hope you don't mind. Well, anyway, ENJOY!

July 26- Small update today, minna-san! Three new pictures in the gallery compliments of Ares Chick. Arigatou! Also, a very important notice. My email address has changed thanks to my lovely internet service provider deciding that they could no longer provide internet service. So I'm now going around changing my email addy. It's now z-a_no_miko@juno.com . Sorry for the confusion! And thanks to EVERYONE who's signed my guestbook! I'm sorry I've been really bad about emailing you and thanking you myself, but, well, I've been alternantly busy and lazy. Go figure. ^_^

July 24- I FINALLY FINISHED, MUAHAHAHAHA! What have I finished? Why, my Touches and Blushes section! Who touches whom the most, and who blushes the most? Go the page and find out! ^_^ Three new fanfics by Crystal, Propose Already, Picnic, and Something lost, and a new fanfic author C.G. and her silly fairy tale. Go read and laugh, I did. ^_^ New fanart in the fanart section by moi, and I'm actually pleased with the way it turned out. So check it all out, Minna-san! *returns to dinner* ^___^

July 9- Wow, update in two days, I'm shocked at myself. Another smallish update today, I FINALLY put up a link to the Gourrinw Writer's Guild that I'm a member of, and I GOT NOMINATED AGAIN FOR THE GWG AWARDS, COOOOL! *cough* I also put up that really cute banner Pika-chan made for me as a one year anniversary present, and put up those two banners that I got a while back from the Message Forum. WHO GAVE THOSE TO ME?! I HAD A MAJOR BRAIN FART AND FORGOT! *whimpers* Let me know, please! Also, I'm slowly changing the look of the page, as well as attempting to move the fanart section to fortune city because I'm running outta room. -_- So bear with me if bits and pieces of this page blip on and off. Gomen ne!

July 8- HOLY COW, I'M ON A ROLE! Four updates in one month! Someone catch me, I'm gonna faint. No, wait, I'm supposed catch you guys because you're the ones that are fainting. ^^;; Three new fanfics in the fanfiction section, and give a warm welcome to Warmask and his very entertaining fic, Chimera's Blood. Demonic Duck *snickers* Two new fics by Crystal, Chances and a lyrical poem entitled I Believe. Enjoy, minna-san!

July 6- Small update today, minna-san. I finally got around to updating Zel's Protective Side (Yes, I added Garv's attack plus a few other things) so if you're interested to check it out and then tell me what else I missed. ^_~ And a new Toon in Toonz by Renfield. To be honest, I was torn between putting it up in fanart or the Toonz section, but it was so funny I had to put it in Toonz. Go see, it's hystarical! ^_^ Take care, all!

July 5- HAPPY LATE FOURTH! *cough cough* Ok, on to what you really want, the UPDATE! UPDATE IN LESS THAN A WEEK, WOWEE! Anyway, three new fanfics in the fanfiction section! Slayers Slumber Party by Mizu-chan (who's a new author on this page, welcome!), which is really really funny. Spin the Bottle, anyone? ^_~ We Will Meet Again by Crystal, which is a pretty sad story, so be warned. Annnnddddd, *hears drum roll, turns and glares at Amelia, who hides the drumsticks behind her back* The final installment of my Path to Revenge trilogy, it's The Future! I'm not so sure it's as good as the first two installments, but I HATE feeling like I don't have any closure with some of my stories. *makes a face* Anyway, go and enjoy! Ja all! AMELIA, PUT THOSE DRUMSTICKS UP THIS MINUTE!

July 1- New month, and what a way to start it off but with new fanart by Zanne (including two pieces she did for my fic, "The Path to Revenge!"), new fanart by Isabel, and a new fanartist named Washuu in the fanart section. New fanfic author named Tux's Girl, go read her fic, "The Cure of Love!" It's really neat, kind of a commentary by Zel about the different times he met Amelia. ^_^ Be sure to go all the way down for the link to the last little bit, geocities STILL is being a butt about putting up the fics in their entierty. *grump* Take care all!

June 25- HOLY ****** I CAN'T BELIVE IT'S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I LAST UPDATED! O______O Good reason, though, being outta the country and all. *hears, YEAH, EXCUSES from Zel's vacinity, and calmly throws an apple at him* Anyway, I have a TON of updating to do, so I'm going to take it in small incriments. I'm also house sitting next week, which should give me a little time to work on updated some of my information sectiongs (Like Zel's Protective Side I GET THE POINT, ADD GARV'S ATTACK! *wink*). Anyway, bit of excitment for this Z/A miko I GOT NOMINATED FOR THE ZAF GUILD AWARDS! OH COOOOOL! *calms down* Kay. ^_^ The second part of Demon's Curse is up, and a new fic by a new author here, it's an untitled piece by Crystal. Hope you guys enjoy! *goes off to look through her hard drive and make sure her father didn't touch it while she was gone*

May 7- Whoa, a month since my last update! O_o I dunno how I like that SD pic of me on this page, I may move it in a while, but I wanna see how it goes for now. Do you like my "Lina in the bed" charm guardian on the front page? Cute, ne? ^^ New fanfics (SEVERAL new fics) in the fanfic section! Demon's Curse part 1 by Spirit Fire, Somnia by Dan, direct links to Love and Trust by Ai-chan, and a direct link to Gemini's two versions of Conclusion, one which is lemon, and one that isn't. More fanart in the fanart section by Isabel, Ai-chan and Neko-chan (plus corrected her email). And now, a bit of sad news, I'm going to be dormenting the shrine for a little while. As some of you know, I'm going to be out of the country for six weeks on an extended study tour with my school, and will have very limited internet access during that time. The board will still be up and running, and Astra M. has been kind enough to tell me that she'll keep an eye on it to make sure that it still runs smoothly. Some of you probably know who or what I'm talking about in this area. ^^;;;; Along with this, please do NOT send me any fanart of fanfiction until AFTER June 19 because I won't be able to do a thing with it, and it'll only fill my mail box. After June 19, though, the shrine should open again soon, and I'll be begging once again for fanart and fanfiction. So do a lot of drawing and writing while I'm gone! That's an order! ^_^ Take care, everyone, and I'll see you when I get back!

April 6- 12:13 a.m.- WAIIIII! I GOT ANOTHER AWARD!!! ARIGATOU! I exchanged the award for the moving gif of Amelia and Zel's heart RAh Tilt because I thought it looked prettier. I will be putting up a link to the heart Rah Tilt sometime in the future if I'm still sane once this week and next week are over with. This is probably the last update from a san Alyson, and the insane one (at least that small part of me that has remained sane) will be picking up where I left off. Anyway, that lovely award (thank you thank you thank you thank you!) also links back to Cecelia-chan's page, and I suggest looking at it. ^_^ Take care, all!

March 28- Small update, but a major one for me! I got! I got! *is all flustered, Zel obligingly whaps her on the head* I GOT AN AWARD FOR MY WEBSITE, WAHOOO! *jumps up and down so much that she causes the entire house to shake* I can't belive it, I'm absolutely floored! Thank you so much Lina and Filia! YAY! *runs off screen with Zel and Amelia sweat dropping behind her*

March 27- WOW! HUGE update today, folks! A TON of new fanart in the fanart section by yours truly, MoonSpark, and Isabel, thanks for sending them in! Two new fanfics in the library, the second part of Path to Revenge by me, and a fanfic by MoonSpark entitled Abyss of Thought. Go and check it all out! I meant to get all of this added on on Sunday, but I ran out of time, so I decided to skip class and update my page. Speaking of which, I'm going to be late! Yikes! Take care, everyone!

March 22- 10:54 a.m. *eyes page* I'm doing some renovations, as you can tell, and any advice you can give me would be more than appreciated. I like having the three buttons together, but I think they're to close together. How can I space them out a bit more? Also, do you think I should go back to the standard two straight down the middle? Any information or help, please direct it to my message board or email me. Thanks!

March 20- *turns SD and runs around like a madwoman, waving arms frantically and causing Zel and Amelia to alternantly facefault and sweat drop* NEW FANART BY ZANNE! GO SEE GO SEE GO SEE GO SEE GO SEE PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY PRETTY! *takes a deep breath, and looks at the tea cup she's been drinking out of* Man, what's IN this stuff? ^_________^

March 19- Hey Minna-san! A small update today. New fic in fanfiction by yours truely, entitled The Path to Revenge. Part one of three is now up, and I'm slowly pounding away at part two. Warning, it's dark. Very dark. Didn't know I had that in me, guess I'm more twisted than I had originally thought. ^^ Don't know quite how I feel about writing a dark fic, though. I do feel better (was in a rotten mood when I wrote it,) but at the same time I feel almost like I've violated something. Guess I'm not cut out to do many dark angsty type fics, I prefer happy, silly, and spastic stuff, which is why I love Kodocha, but that's something for another day. ^_~ So, anyway, hope you enjoy, but like I said, it's very very dark. *eyes fic and shudders slightly* Take care!

March 11- I'm on yet another role, but don't expect it to last. ^_~ New fanart in the fanart section by yours truly, and a new fanartist, Chibi Team Rocket! I also added a link to her page in my links section, go check it out! Be sure to read the small warning about her drawing for those of you who are slightly faint of heart. ^^ I love it! Take care minna!

March 5- Ok, I'm being slower than molasses in January with updating, sorry minna-san! New songfic in the fanfiction section by a new author, Makoto Kino! Yay! And two new fanarts by Florence's sister Helene. Go see them, they're WONDERFUL! Dan, if you're reading this, something happened to part three of your fic, it was all garbled. I think my computer did something to it. I couldn't find your email addy, either, and knowing my demon comp, it ate it. Could you send it again, please? Take care all, and sorry this is short, but I've been having over active allergies and I feel like bleh.

January 19- Well, school's already starting to take it's toll, mainly in the form that I just don't want to write anything, which isn't good. On the other hand, it snowed her yesterday, and they're calling for more tonight. Which means that I get to stare at white fluffy stuff, but also get behind on my school work. Damn the luck. *cough* New fanfic author in fanfiction, say hello to Ashes2Ashes and her incredibly cool fic, Slayers Carol, which is a Christmas fic based on A Christmas Carol. Zel's Scrooge, need I say more? *evil grin* Take care, all!

January 17- *face fault* Almost another month goes by without an update! Gomen! Of course, I had a very valid excuse, no computer for a month, and then a replaced hard drive. Ugh. Anyway, a late Merry Christmas and a late Happy New Year! Feels so weird to be writing 2000 on things. O_o Anyway, here's the update! Zanne emailed me and let me know that she's the one who drew that wonderful pastel of Zel, and the really sweet Shy Gift drawing. Not only that, but she sent me two new pastel's! WAHOO! Go see them in fanart! Also,two new fanartist's; Neko-chan, who sent me a really cute Zel/Amelia Christmas pic that she drew in school one day, and Lynda, who sent me a wonderful pic of the gang in a kitchen in Saillune. ^^ Arigatou! I FINALLY got around to updating my links, and put up links to PSA (gomen for the long wait, Momoko!), a Zel/Amelia, Gourry/Lina page that's run by Neko-chan, and a link to Florence's French Slayers page. ^_^ Go the check it all out! Take care, all!

December 19- Greetings everyone! Well, update on the computer. Turns out they're replacing my Mother Board (O.o), so there's not telling when I'll get the darn thing back. On a lighter side, I was able to get to my mother's computer for a short amount of time and put up a new fic by me. It's a Christmas Tail called "Twas The NIght Before Christmas: Slayers Styel." Basically, I slaughter yet another beloved tale. ^_^ HOpe you guys enjoy! I know my poor mailbox is going to be full when I get my computer back. -_- If I don't get to see you guys, have a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December 10- Hey everyone! Well, with computer glitches, Zelda playing, exam studying (right), essay finishing up, ect, I've finally snuck in some time to update. ^^ New fic by Cephieri in fanfiction called Kiss Me At Midnight, and that new picture was sent to me by Liz. Isn't it cute? ^_^ New fanart in the fanart section by my friend, Min-chan, aka the author of Vampire Princess AMelia. Anyway, I have to go finish up, tomorrow is my last exam, praise L-sama! ^_^ Talk to ya'll later! Take care!

Nov 24- Yowza, how many updates is this this past week?! WOW! Ok, two new fics in fanfiction. Sacrifices of Love is by Cephieri, and a neat poem by a new author, BogardMai. It's not Zel/AMelia, but it's pretty neat in asking a question about Rezo and Zel. ^^ Hope you guys enjoy! Ja!

Nov 23- She's on a role! ^____^ New Fairy Tail in Fanfiction called The Swan Chimera (Zel hated me for it) by me. WOO! Also, new fanart by me entitled Senses and it goes with my fafic of the same name. New fanart by Rina-chan, go see, it's so CUTE! I also added those two that I don't know who they go to even though I KNOW they were submitted. Check it out! ^_____^

Nov 21- WOW! TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS! O_____O Hello again, minna-san! New songfic (first songfic, actually) by yours truely entitled Senses. Hope you like. ^^ Also, new toonz by my wacky friend, Angie-chan! There are a couple that are a little hard to read, so I went ahead and put the captions below the links to make it easier. They're hilarous, go and see them! Take care!

Nov 20- HOLY CRUD! It's been nearly a MONTH since I last updated! ACK! Gomen nasai, minna-san! Seems like I'm headed towards the realm of "not updating soon enough." Yikes! Well, three new fics and a new author in fanfiction! This one of many updates over the course of this week (thank you Thanksgiving break!), but they'll be later on during the day/night since most of my time will be spent working on 3 essays and a poetry report (thank you, professors). *sigh* Anyway, new fic by Dani-chan entitled La Fillette Revolutionnarie (which I think I misspelled). It's a Slayers/Utena crossover, and looks really nifty! New fic by Rina-chan, as well, called Xelas' Day Off. Never knew Dark Lords would be match makers! O_o Finally, say hello to my friend, Angie-chan, and her Fairy Tail, Ruby Red and the 7 Chibis! yeah, it's sorta a Xel/Lina fic, but it's got some cute Zel/Amelia moments, not to mention Lina screaming for Listerine at the ending is hilarious! Ok, Minna, see you again soon! Take care!

Oct. 24- Yay! Updaaaaaaaaate! Woo! Ok guys, new fic by a new fanfic author in the library! Welcome to Cephirie! Now go read Cephirie's fic Finding The Truth, it's way cool! I had to break it up a bit, so sorry about that. ^^;; Also, new fanart by Dira in fanart area, and a new toon from Dira in the toonz section (i laughed when I read it. It's great!). Special note about fanart: With all the moving around I've done, I've lost track of all the fanart pieces I had up there. IF you find a broken link, cut and paste it into an email to me, and I'll get to work finding the artwork that went with it. Also, I have three great pieces of fanart here (I do know the artist of one, I just have to find the pic again -_-) that I can't find the artists, too, but I know that you emailed me and sent the pics as an attatchment. If either Shy Gift or Gaze is yours, please contact me and let me know. I promise, I haven't posted it because I think they're bad (quite the contrary, they're WONDERFUL!), it's just that I've misplace them, as well. I"m going to post them as soon as I can, and if you find that one of them is yours, please let me know ASAP! Thanks and take care!

Oct. 16- *Amelia, Zel, and Alyson walk up*
Aly: WAI! I finally updated!
Z&A: Finally. -.-
Aly: ^^;; Anyway, let's see. Two new fanarts and fanartists in the fanart section (which got moved again), three new fics and one new author in the fanfiction section. HI ASTRA! Dani's Slayers Serious Part 3, Astra's Zelgadis, Who Made The Princess Laugh (which is directly linked to Astra's page because I was to lazy to code it -.-), and a new songfic by Dira called No Scrubs. Three new links in my links page, one to Pika's Double Date page (Gomen ne about the long wait, Pika), Astra's Victory Shrine of Love!, and Maya's YYH page. Also had two new pics donated for the gallery from Maya (WAHOO!) of Z/A and G/L's wedding! WAI WAI WAI! She found it in Animedia of July 1999! WAHOO! I also took off the Hikari O! link b/c it's apparantly died (WAH!) and the link to Luna's Zel/Amelia shrine (damn, it was nice too, but her server decided to EAT it!) Ok, guys, is that all?
Amelia: You forgot about your Zel's Protective side idea.
Aly: Oh yeah. I'm also going to be changing around the format of some of my sections due to another idea that whapped me upside the head. Ok guys, that's all for now. Look for some changes in the near future (but not majorly drastic ones). Until next time!
All: *waves* JA NE!

Well, that was short,take me back.

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