Amelia and Zelgadis didn't want me to mention these moments, but I just had to. ^.~

There are many humorous moments through out the Slayers series, but the ones with Zelgadis and Amelia always seem to stand out more, mostly because Zel's just so darn cute when he's embarrassed.

In the original Slayers series, Zelgadis and Amelia get separated from the others while in search of Rezo's legacy. They wind up in a massive library, and Zel, of course, sets to with a will, looking for the cure for his curse. Amelia helps him out, but then gets worried about Lina and the others. Zelgadis comments that Amelia shouldn't wander off, because there could be traps hidden in the room. A terrified shriek answers him, and Zel goes over to find Amelia, who's protesting that she didn't do anything other than touch the wall, being sucked into said wall. He tried to pull her out, but gets sucked in, as well. They wind up dropping in, literally, on Lina and Sylphiel, who are being kept busy by some golems. Amelia, who landed on top of Zel, greats them, while Zel "politely" asks Amelia to get off of him. He then stands up, and gets teased by Lina because he's blushing. Of course, he protests that he's not, even though his face is as red as Rudolph's nose.

There are more humorous moments in NEXT, and some are down right cute. In episode five of NEXT, Zel and Amelia once again get separated from Gourry and Lina (who had been taken away by the Mazoku, Saygram), in an area that reminds me of a very clean sewer. When they fell down from the floors above, Amelia, Gourry, and Lina found themselves confronted by slugs of immense size. Zelgadis found himself underwater, dragged down an underwater hole by both his rock skin, and one of these slugs. After Lina and Gourry vanish, and Zel gets brought back up to the surface, Amelia takes care of all the slugs by frying them with a well place fireball (Zel's still trying to get rid of all the water in his lungs). Amelia then comments about how slugs smell delicious when you burn them to a crisp, and Zel says "That's escargot" (personal note: YUCK!). Zel then begins to wonder about where Gourry and Lina got taken off to, when he turns to look at Amelia. He then begins to walk towards her with this super serious look on his face, and Amelia is blushing like crazy. Turns out there was a rather large spider behind her. ( For the ending of this scene, check out Zel's Protective Side.)

Another hilarious moment occurs in NEXT, episode seven, the lake dragon episode. Lina's bound and determined to eat Dragon Cuisine, and so the gang and the chef take off in a boat to catch the main ingredient, Lake Dragon. Once they get to a good stopping place, the chef tells the gang that he forgot to bring an anchor. Lina gets this really cunning look on her face, and asks Zel how much he weighs. Zel gives her a funny look, then realizes what she's talking about. Lina promptly attacks him, and Zel appeals to Amelia, asking her to say something to Lina. Amelia gives him a tear filled look, and says, "Poor Zelgadis-san. At least we can let you breath down there" and holds up a hose with a funnel attached to it. She then stuffs one end of the hose in his mouth, and they dump him overboard. Shortly after this, the dragon shows up, and demolishes the boat. The gang finally hauls Zelgadis back on board, and he looks like he's unconscious. The following is a direct quote of the next scene, because it helps to illustrate that Zelgadis really does like Amelia:

Gourry: So, is Zelgadis all right?

Ashford (the chef): Oh, don't worry about him. He's just a little waterlogged.

Amelia: But he went through so much! [Closeup of Zel's unconscious face.] Should we really just leave him alone?
[Zel's eyelid twitches.]

Ashford: No, I suppose we shouldn't do that.

Amelia: Maybe we could give him artificial respiration.
[Zel's eye twitches again, showing that he's awake and listening to what's being said. At this point, Zel's heartbeat begins to pound and overlays the following dialogue (they do that when they're nervous. Ranma does it all the time when it comes to Akane)]

Ashford: Hmmm..... Oh, I suppose so.

Amelia: Right. We have no choice. Well then . . .
[Zel begins to blush and grin slightly. When a shadow passes over his face, he slowly lifts his eyelid to find . . . Ashford arrowing in. Zel was less than thrilled to find Ashford giving him AR instead of Amelia.]

Zel's one sly dog, thinking he could get a freebie outta Amelia like that. Pity that she wasn't the one to give him AR. Oh well.

Zel also does that cute finger thing (you know, where they play with their index fingers when they're really really embarrassed) because of something he said to Amelia. It happens in episode nine, where the gang is talking about Amelia's father and trying to protect him, and the possibility that Mazoku are involved. Zel promptly sticks his foot in his mouth when he comments that Saillune is prone to these kinds of attacks, then lists how Amelia's older sister was lost (or something like that), and how the second son in line for the throne (we met him in the original series, a nut named Randy) tried to get Phil out of his way. Amelia stands up and is shaking (at this point we can't tell if it's from anger, pain, etc.) and Lina yells at Zel to cool it. Zel looks at Amelia, and his eye gets really wide when he realizes that he was really dissing her family. Instead of getting upset, though, Amelia starts yelling that that's the reason a true justice is needed. Everyone seems relived that a potential emotional bomb had been avoided, and Zel starts to play with his index fingers, looking a little embarrassed, and trying to say something. Gourry gives him a dirty look, and bops him one over the head.

All right, until I can see more of NEXT (will they HURRY up and release the rest of the tapes already?!), I'll be sure to add onto this. There will be some from TRY, as well.

Take be back before I die of laughter!

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