Zel always has a special smile for Amelia.

In Slayers NEXT, Zelgadis and Amelia meet up once again, only, this time, they're on different sides. Zelgadis had been hired by the royal family of the Kingdom of Xoana to help protect them while they readied themselves for world domination. Amelia was sent by her father to talk (it was more like yell) them out of their plans. While Amelia was delivering her lecture to the king, the king's daughter, Martina, made a rather inelegant entrance, and told Amelia of their plans to rule the world. Amelia, being Amelia, promptly let them know that she would stop their evil schemes. Martina ordered the guards to capture Amelia, but a well placed Burst Rondo pushed them back. Martina then called in Zel. Amelia was quite shocked to find her old friend and fighting partner working against her.

Zel, for his part, says, "To think we would meet again like this. Such is destiny." He then warns Amelia to not fight him because she should know how powerful he is. While Amelia is busy debating whether or not she could fight against someone who once fought at her side, she gets tied up by Xoana's guards. Martina and her father then go on to explain how they are going to use Amelia as a ransom against Saillune, so that Saillune won't interfere with their plans. While Amelia is lecturing them on the evils of their ways, a well placed Mega Brando by Lina Inverse blows up the tower they were in.

Zegadis, being very professional in his job, promptly comes forward to face Lina, saying how the royal family had promised to give him a certain book that he hoped contained the spell for his cure. Lina then holds up said book, and explains how it only held some info on some old golem techniques, and was no use to Zel. Zel imediantly turns his sword away from Lina and on the king, saying that he would, "no longer support their evil plans" (Amelia's rubbing off on him. ^.^). Gourry hits the nail on the head when he says, "(Zel) has the easiest behavior pattern to predict." Once the kingdom of Xoana was destroyed (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go and get NEXT), the Slayers Gang sets off once again to adventure, and trouble.


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