If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Sylphiel Nels Rada!  Who would you be?
Name: Alyson M.

Nicknames: Alycat, Aly, Alyson M., Horse, That Demented Author (compliments of Lina Inverse).....

Birthday: April 7, 1979.

Occupation: Currently a college student, who's major is English Writing! *very bland* Imagine that... ^_~

Height: 5'4" and then some (I swear, those were the Doc's exact words! O_o)

Eyecolor: A subject of much debate in my family. Mom says they're blue, my sis says they're green, and I say their grey, so, for the sake of argument, they're grey/green/blue.

Haircolor: Ash brown (is that really a color?)

Bloodtype: AHHH! NEEDLES! *runs and hides*

Homeworld: *sings off key* Some where over the rainbow..... Oops, wrong place. ^^;;

Zodiac: Aries, which explains why I'm so stubbron, and since it's a fire sign, it also explains why I'm so short tempered in certain areas. ^^

Favorite book: Last Unicorn, and any manga I can get my hands on (I know it's not techinacally a "book", but who's being technical? ^_~)

Likes: Writing, reading, writing (with over 6 fanfics going at the same time, I darn well better like writing! ^_~), riding my horse, hanging with my friends (when they're in this state, that is. You guys live to far away!), drawing, listening to my music, sleeping, watching anime, coming up with new fanfic ideas nearly every day, Zel/Amelia couple, Gourry/Lina couple, Val/Filia couple, working on my site, and getting new fanfics and fanart for my page *hint hint*

Dislikes: Needles, spicy food, hate sites, people who flame others for no reason other than the fact they created a site for their favorite couple, people who hate Amelia for no reason other than the fact that she likes Zel and he likes her, Zel/Lina couple, getting into fights, spending hours hunting down anime sites only to find that they've moved -.-, not getting enough sleep, and anyone who hits my horse.

Really Want: Oh man..... Both of the Shamanic Princess CD Soundtracks for a decent price, Magic Knight Rayearth II Episodes 41-49 subtitled (NOT by whoever subbed it, heard they killed the opening songs and cut out a lot of scenes), anything Slayers, and Gourry plushie ^^.

This is a self portrait that I did. Lina and Gourry took my notebook with all my stories!!! O_o

Why did I come here? Back!

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