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I love this page. P-chan is a friend of mine, and she and Silvy have put a lot of time and effort into this page. Both of them are talented author's and artists, and the entire page is a treat for the sense. ^_^ Go read P-chan's fics, especially "Circle's Edge" and "Desperado", and Silvy's "A Flower Who's Name I Don't Know Yet".

The Waystation! THis is my other page, it's kind of a mish mash of stuff. You can find other fics by me here, if you're interested.

the retrospective welcome mat This is a non-anime site that is run by one of my best friends. It's an archive of her poetry, and some really cool black and white pictures that she uses as illustration. I highly recomend it (she can spell better than I can, too).

Drawings by Lyn Daniel Lyn is another one of my favorite fan artists, and has been kind enough to go over my fics and correct any spelling (I'm a horrid speller) and gramatical errors that I have. Thanks, Lyn!

The Anime Web Turnpike is THE place to find other anime pages.

Fanfiction.net I don't think anything needs to be said about this place. ^_^

Slayers UniverseThis is a great place with lots of info and summeries of NEXT and TRY.

The QoS has some great fics out there.

Alina's Short Slayers Stories Alina is another wonderful fic writer, and has a neat little series called Slayers 25%: The Further Adventures of Zelgadis and Ameria.

Darkness Rising Stephie has a great fanfic archive, and she's even cross referanced her fics. Most of my fics are either archived there, or on my other page.

Eugene's animation+ She did the title art for Zelgadis On The Couch, and I really wish I could draw like her. She's got TONS of Slayers pics that she drew, and a really cute SD couple corner.

Yu Yu Hakusho! I know it's not Slayers, but Maya's the owner of this page and she also donated those cool wedding pics in the gallery. If you want to know something about YYH, go check out her page! It's loaded!

The Victory Shrine of Love! Astra M. has taken the characters of Slayers, plugged them into the Myers-Briggs test, and come out with very insightful and eerily accurate descriptions of the Slayers gang. She also did a romance comparison, plus fics. *points* Go there!

Project: Support Amelia! This is the one and only page that is completly dedicated to arguing against Amelia bashing, a subject that many of us Zel/Amelia fans struggle against all the time. *bows deeply to Momoko and Maz* Arigatou for creating this page.

Une page sur Slayers de plus, par Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune. This page is run by a very sweet French girl named Florence, who I've been emailing back and forth with for a while now. She's a very devout Zel/Amelia, Gourry/Lina fan , and has lots to do on her page. She's even translating my Fairy Tails into French! O_o Small warning, her page is French only, but don't let that stop ya! ^_^

This page is run by Diane-chan, and it's great! She's got info on the Slayers characters, pictures, and even a weekly song where she puts up a song from the Slayers CDs. What are you waiting for?

This page is run by Lynda-chan who's Diane-chan's younger sister. There's information on voice actors, cast info and dragons. Lots and lots of dragons. ^_^ Go see go see!

The Library of Slayers Creativity! This page has a wonderful selection of toons, fanfiction, fanart, humor, ect ect ect. Go there, the humor is wonderful, the toons are cute, and any page that'll make Zel blush has got to be good, right? ^_^

Generation A This page belongs to SCRIK. He's the one that did those animated gifs you'll find on Slayers KAWAII! He has lots of stuff, and even added some pictures to my "Hearts Of" lemon series. ^^ go check it out!

Sarah's Slayers Page! Slayers fanfics with Gourrina, Zelame, and Xel/Filia pairings. Will have up character rooms, essays and the like.

Everything from cosplay piccies, fanfiction, and fanart to a massive links section that has hyperlinks to all kinds of character shrines. Gourrina, Zelame and Xel/Filia supporter.

I finally added in a link to Spike's fanfic page, and about time I did so, too. He's a very big Gourrina, Zelame shipper, and three of his fics are housed here. If you enjoyed them I suggest you go to his page to read all the others he has. ^_^

Putting It Through The Shredder This link is to Renfield and RackhamRose's MSTing site. I highly recommend it, they're hystarical and they really tear apart badly written Zel/Lina fics, along with some Trigun, Escaflowne, and Sailor Moon. Go go!

I've been friends with Isabel for how long now, and I'm just now getting around to putting up a link to her place on my site? I suck. Gomen na, Isabel-chan. *sigh* Ya'll've seen some of her fanart on my page, go see even MORE of it on hers! Including a wonderful doujinshi she's drawing that I find fascinating!

Alyson Metallium's Xanga Weblog If you're ever bored and want to know what I'm up to (God help you if you do) check out my online journal. Sometimes I have things in there that are worthwhile, sometimes it's just random shi . . . er, junk that I'll put up.

If you don't know who Hoshi is, take a quick peak into my fanart page, and you'll see some samples of her work. ^_^ Once you do THAT, make sure you visit her page!

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