Amelia: All right! Pictures of Zelgadis and me!
Zel: Oh boy.....

WAHHHH! Zel's just saved Amelia from Garv, and it looks like she's crying on his chest. *sniffle*
BEFIS BRING! This picture really doesn't need explination. ^_~
Even more Double Trouble! Whoa, when they team up spells and swords, Z/A really kick some butt!
These pictures were given to me by Lynda-chan! Arigatou!

Awwwww Well, Amelia got whapped on the head, and guess who's holding her. ^_^
Here it comes! You just know these two are getting ready for a Double Whammy!
WHHHAAAATTT? Amelia sure looks shocked about something. Is that a love letter from Zel in her hands? ^_~
These pictures were scanned by Diane-chan and were sent by her sister Lynda-chan. And be sure to visit their sites, which are linked in my links section. DOMO ARIGATOU!

Zel's smiling at Amelia Remember when Zel yelled at Amelia for saving him, then he smiled? Here's that sweet smile.
*in stereo* I did it! First double Ra Tilt attack against Mr. Chicken ended in Victory. Yay!
Kopii gets the finger (not THAT finger!) Amelia gives Koppii a speech just after saving Zel's skin from his Mono Bolt. These three pictures were sent to me by Ares chick. THANKS!
Gourry and Lina's wedding! I had to add this one, it's part of a two page spread donated to me by Maya Kitajima *bows* Arigatou!
Zel and Amelia's wedding! The second part of this two page spread that Maya donated to me. Again, many thanks!
A very nice pic of Zel and Amelia with Amelia in the background. This pic is compliments of Nicole! Thanks!
This is a set of screne captures from the ending of TRY. Look what Zel has around his water bottle!! NEW!
Amelia's mad about something, and Zel's just bored.
Let's go!
Zel in leather with Amelia in the background.
"And the Sword of Light doesn't work either, what'll we do?!"
"Power up the sword? Good idea!"
Go team, Go!
Amelia's giving Lina a dirty look (can't see Lina) with Zel behind her.
SD Zel and Amelia. Dunno why they have Zel listed as Xelloss.....
Amelia's freaking out about something...
Looking towards the future?
Happy about something.
Amelia freaks out, and a little chibi Zel appears in front of her face.
Look at what Zel's got in his hand!
Amelia, Zelgadis, and Xeros. Zel didn't want this one up because of the Trickster Priest, but I over ruled him. ^.^
Zel and Amelia casting the Ra Tilt together. This pair works so well together!
They even make a heart with their magic!
Zel being a gentleman and carrying his princess.
Zel gets conked in the head with a cannonball, and Amelia makes sure to carry him with her. She's not very happy.
Zel gave Amelia some roses, and now he's a little embarrassed about it.
"I don't know about you, Amelia, but I think this Damia guys is crazy."
Awww, Amelia's feeding Zel, how cute!
Amelia protecting Zel from Copy's attack in the original Slayers series.
Just after Gourry jumped in to help Amelia and Zel out in the original Slayers series. Zel looks pretty shell shocked.
When working with a Dragon Slave crazy redheaded sorceress, always wear protective glasses.
Ever felt like a bug under a microscope?
I don't think they're very happy about something....

Enough pics! Take me back!

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