Hey guys, Alyson here. This is the library of this site, and hopefully it'll soon be full of Zel/Amelia fics. Any and all lemons will be clearly marked as such. Enjoy!

Fics by Me!
Slayer's Fairy Tails
Before you ask, it's supposed to be Tail. Like dragon tail....
The Sleeping Sorceress
The Little Dragon
The Swan Chimera

Hearts Series
Heart of Stone. (Amelia/Zelgadis) Lemon
Heart of Fire (Gourry/Lina) Lemon
Heart of Gold (Amelia/Zel) Lemon

The Highwayman Songfic (sort of, I think....)

Fear: The Unexpected Exile.
Posting on Fanfiction.net ^^

Senses Songfic and fanart in fanart section!

Twas The Night Before Christmas: Slayers Style

The Path to Revenge Very Dark.
The Past
The Present
The Future

In your eyes . . .

Fics by Dani-chan!
Birthday Wishes.Lemon

Slayers Serious
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3 Lemon Yuri

What Could Have Been

New Beginning's
Ladies/Boys Night Out

Iris Songfic

La Fillette Revolutionnarie
Part 1

Fics by Chimera Gal
On My Own
Dreams Come True

Fics by Dira
The Hardest Thing Songfic

First Love Songfic

No Scrubs Songfic and FANART!

Fics by Nyoko Metallium And no, she's not related to me ^^
Unforgettable Lemon

With All My Heart Songfic FANART! Longing. Goes with this fic, drawn by the author

Fics by Nicole.
Slayers In Dreamland
This fic is AWSOME! It's directly linked to Nicole's page. Warning, it's lemony scented. At least, the beginning is.

Fics by Rachel!
Going History

Fics by Rina-chan!
Childhood Love

Swear It Again Songfic

Harana Songfic

Thinking of You Songfic

Xelas' Day Off

Fics by Miho!
What Is Love? Slight Lemon and slightly Dark. FANART by the author! Z and A!

Fics by Astra M.!
Zelgadis, Who Made The Princess Laugh Direct Link to Astra's page.

Fics by Cephirie!
Finding The Truth
Sacrafices of Love
Kiss Me At Midnight Song fic

Fics by Angie-chan!
Ruby Red and the 7 Chibis

Fics by Neko-chan!

Fics by Ashes2Ashes
Slayers Carol
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Fics by Makoto Kino
Crash and Burn Songfic

Fics by MoonSpark!
Abyss of Thought

Fics by Dan (I think)
Parts 1-3
Parts 4-7

Fics by Ai-chan
Love and Trust Direct Link.

Fics by Gemini523
Conclusion Direct Link.
Conclusion Direct Link. Lemon

Fics by Spirit Fire
Demon's Curse
Part 1
Part 2

Fics by Crystal
We Will Meet Again
I believe
Propose Already!
Something Lost
Dreams Songfic
My Heart Will Go On Songfic

Fics by Tux's girl
Cure of Love
Cure of Love: Amelia's Clash

Fics by Mizu-chan!
Slayers Slumber Party

Fics by Warmask!
Chimera's Blood
Rezo's Legacy
Smuggler's Road

Fics by C.G.!
A Silly Slayers Tale Lemon hints

Fics by Pika-chan!
Bride 2 Be or Not 2 Be?

Fics by Catriana!
Promise To Be Kept

Fics by Rana!

Fics by Kebinu!
The Trickster of 'Oss
The Cast!
The Story!

A Dim Lad
The Cast!
The Story!

Top Ten signs you’re on a blind date with a Slayers character

Fics by Elderdrake!
Slayers REVOLT: The Calm Before

Fics by Shawn!
The Price is Righteous!
Part one!
Part two!
Part three!

Fics by Spike!
Gone Songfic
Love Song Songfic
Blue Eyes Songfic
My Beloved

Fics by Katagi!

Fics by Thomas!
Return To Me

Enough words, wanna go back!

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