Moe and Princess



I have a great tiger stripped kitty named Moe. He is about 6 years old. I like the picture of the spinning cat above because that cat looks something like Moe. Except that isn't him.

I also have a brand new kitty named Princess. She is about 2 years old, and is a calico. I adopted her from the Humane Society. She is very affectionate.

June 8th, 1999 - I just have to tell you what Moe did today. See, I live in a very old house. We see lots of strange creatures in here sometimes. Well, last night I was asleep. My mom was in the living room watching TV. Moe jumped in the window (no screen) and ran into my room. Mom heard a loud THUMP and heard Moe meow. She came in to see what was going on...and there was a BAT doing laps around the ceiling in my room. I stayed asleep. Moe was jumping in the middle of the floor trying to catch that bat!

Anwyhow, Moe chased the bat into the living room, did a Michael Jordan jump, and brought the bat down. Mom quickly turned on the lights to keep the bat from flying again, and put my big popcorn bowl over him. TeeHee! Then, she slid a big record album cover under the bowl and carried the bat outside and let him go. Mom says without Moe, she would never would have been able to get the bat out of the house.

I think Moe did a very useful thing. Who sez cats are worthless? Besides being cuddly and loving...they are good hunters. Especially my Moe.

WOW! Look at this great award Moe got for being so brave and useful! Thanks Nicolette!

Holly and Moe

Here is a pciture of me and Moe. He likes to be held and petted lots.

Holly and Kitty Cat Here I am with Moe's mom, Kitty Cat. She ran away after she had the litter of kittens with Moe in it. All the kittens went with her except Moe. He stayed with us. :-)
Moe and Princess Here is a recent photo of Moe and Princess. Aren't they cute?


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