My Cyber Friends

There are lots of cyber friends out there...and here is where I will put them. *giggle!*

If you would like to adopt one of these cyber friends for your own; just click on him or her and you will go right to where they live!

Pretty babyAngel Certificate

This is Teresa, my sweet angel baby. I got her from Caitlin's.

Here is my Fairy. Her name is Red. I adopted her because she has red hair like me and is holding flowers. I love to pick flowers. I got her from Ladyhippo.


How about a flower nymph? Her name is Rachel. I got her! :-) She sure smells good! :-)

I also have a cupid...her name is Alice. I also got her! :-) She is a redhead too! :-)

This is Flower. She is brand new to my page. I got her from The Enchanted Hollow.

Adopt your Pixie Here!

Purple Feet

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