WORLD WAR III? Are these men resposible for our next war and could it be WWWIII?
I want to dedicate this site to my mother Maria who would sit next to me and let me know if the pages looked nice. She was German and could not understand the writing but I would explain to her what I was writing. She passed today March 17, 2003 and will be missed by her family and friends she was 91.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

BENJAMIN, Michael L., infant son of Bernard and Christy Benjamin, Killeen, 4 p.m., Killeen City Cemetery. Killeen Memorial Funeral Home in charge.

BOGARD, Jesse Lee, 85, Lampasas, 10 a.m., Harper-Talasek Funeral Home, Killeen. Burial in Killeen Memorial Park.

KATTNER, Floyd, 76, Copperas Cove, 2 p.m., Sheppard Funeral Home, Copperas Cove. Burial in Kempner Cemetery.

LITTLE, Charles Roy, 60, Thornton, 2 p.m., Little River Cemetery near Cameron. Cook-Gerngross-Green-Patterson Funeral Home, Rosebud, in charge.

MENA, Jasen Aleczander, 2, Killeen, 2 p.m., St. Paul Chong Hasang Catholic Church, Harker Heights. Burial in Florence City Cemetery. Harper-Talasek Funeral Home, Killeen, in charge.

MULLENS, John, 81, Cameron, 3 p.m., Marek-Burns-Laywell Funeral Home, Cameron. Burial in Oak Hill Cemetery.

(My mother who is buried today)
WROE, Maria A., 91, Temple, 2 p.m., Bellwood Memorial Park, Temple. Scanio-Harper Funeral Home, Temple, in charge.

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