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Welcome to the Archives of Excellence hub page. The Archives of Excellence is an expanding multi-fandom franchise of websites, forums and LiveJournal communites with affilates to webrings, websites, forums and LiveJournal communities with a goal of producing and showcasing excellent fanfiction.


The Archives of Excellence started out in July 2009 as a rec site where high quality fanfiction was listed and linked. It quickly became popular with readers looking for authors of family-friendly stories and with the authors themselves, who were given profiles with links to their best work. The rec site has galleries where some of the artwork of the featured authors is displayed.

The majority of featured authors write for the Tolkien legendarium, but the archive is expanding to include Harry Potter, Discworld, Pellinor, Twilight, Narnia, Star Trek and an assortment of other fandoms.

Entries for the monthly writing challenge attract stories from a variety of fandoms, and the best of them are listed and linked on the Writing Challenges page at the Archives of Excellence rec site. Entrants' icons are available for the challenges, and winners receive a trophy icon which is displayed in a winners' gallery with a link to the story. Voting is done by poll.

Archives of Excellence Fanfiction Library came about because many of the featured authors asked for a way to upload their own stories rather than simply have WendWriter list and link them. Linked to the rec site, it offers writers full control of their accounts, with the facility to delete unwanted reviews.

Original fiction, non-stories and essays are welcome there, and WendWriter is happy to take suggestions for improvement at


Archives of Excellence on LiveJournal came about to fill a need for people who wanted to enter the Archives of Excellence monthly challenges, among other things. People who don't have accounts can take part there, and ask questions about the associated websites in the Archives of Excellence family.


In August 2009, WendWriter saw a need for an awards program for assorted fandoms. The Golden Quill Awards was started. Most of the winners were of the Tolkien fandoms, but Harry Potter, Discworld, Firefly and Pellinor were also represented.

From 2010, nominations begin on 1st March, and continue till the end of May. Entries are collated and confirmed in June, and the polls are set up. Voting begins in July and continues till the end of August. Winners are announced in September.



Writers Rendezvous is a LiveJournal community affiliated to the Archives of Excellence. Writers don't have to be particularly brilliant to join. They can showcase their work and ask for help and advice there. It's still in the development stage, but it is hoped it can be more fully integrated into the Archives of Excellence franchise by hosting writing contests and becoming part of the Golden Quill Awards.




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