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Wayside"s Women of The Church
Lifetime Memberships
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On Sunday, August 12,2001, Presbyterian Women of Wayside Church presented five life-time memberships--the highest honor a Presbyterian woman can receive.  The award consists of a certificate of honor and a pin which is in the overall shape of a butterfly and contains four other symbols.  The hands represent loyal and faithful service, the dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit at work in these lives,the globe stands for the world which is our mission field, the cross,of course is the symbol of our faith in Jesus who died for us, and the butterfly is the symbol of the new life Christ has given us.  The life-time memberships were given to Terah ("Miss Nettie) Morris, Lucille McDonald,Myrtle Waddell, Louise Waddell, and Grace Graham at a special Presbyterian Heritage Sunday service.  We continued our celebration with lunch in the Fellowship Hall.God has truly blessed Wayside Church with the talents and devotion of these women.
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