Our Servicemen: Bobby Rhue,  Ed Green, Darin Burns, Don Murray,  Penny and Clint Emorreau



For those  in nursing homes and  with chronic problems at home; Nettie Morris, Doris and Ted Waddell, Cleo  and Jack Glen, Eva Foster, Paul Wilson and Mr. Brewer, Waldo Dotson, Elnora and Effie



For those with needs in our church family. Woody, Mary Lee Sellars , Lucille McDonald, Billy, Debbie and Cassidy Honeycutt, Judy Graham, Grace Graham, Lucile McDonald, Beverly and Kerri,  and Ethan.
For those known to people here whose name have been given to us for prayer.  Mary Powell, Cindy Johnson,  Sharon Kuter, Ron Williams,  Clarence and Doris Marks, Mike Oquinn,  Gregg Morris, Ann Albert, Mildred Douglas,  Hilda Barrett,  James McLaughlin, ,  Maggie Olive, Sherrill Harris, Stan Champion,  Margaret Gregory,  Rebecca McCain, Ina Hutchinson,   Jennifer Locone, Mary Powell,   Kim Greene, Nancy McDonald,   Emily Johnson, Lyndon Brady,  Lindsey McGwen, Melissa Baird, Karen Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Bowden, Randy Boles, Casey Mc Laughlin, Lilly  Keith Cameron, Mr. Bullard, Mildred Lockamy Mr. Honeycutt, David Show, Mike and Sandra Cress, Barbara Wolfe, Mrs. Meadors, The Smith Family, Etta Meadows, Gina Kelly, Jane St. George David and Catherine Lassiter, Rebecca Fisher, Bobby Martin, Alex Murray, Jacob Childress, and Robert Everette.












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