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Stone Properties
Did you know.......?
    1.   That citrine is also known as "the diet stone"?  Leave a golden citrine in a glass of water overnight and drink the water in the morning to speed up your metabolism.

     2.   That a set of four bloodstones, one placed in each corner of the room, is good for blood circulation, wealth and protection. 

     3.   Amethyst is associated with the crown and third-eye chakras and is used to overcome addictions and calm nerves.

     4.   Jasper is known to bring pain relief and help overcome addictions and impulsive behavior. 

     5.   Certain stones are charged with moonlight - others with sunlight. 

     6.   Want a sound sleep, put a pouch with a hematite and/or tourmaline stone in your pillowcase or next to your bed.

     7.   Blue lapis stones are known as aids for swelling, inflammation and congestion. 

     8.   Jade is known to aid with eye disorders and women health problems and is known as the "lucky" stone.

     9.   Hematite is known to have a positive effect on blood disorders.

     10.   Moonstone is used in healing to unblock the lympatic system. 

     11.   Smoky Quartz is used to ease depression. 

     12.   Snowflake Obsidian is held to be a great stress reducer. 
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