The German Shepherd has fascinated me since my childhood and still fascinates me today, and no doubt will fascinate me tomorrow and forever.

    We are a family committed to this marvelous and versatile breed. The GSD Breed Standard describes the German Shepherd with impeccable character and courage. His physical structure must also be flawless to meet the myriad of tasks demanded of this dog. Through strict selective breeding, training and showing we hope to continually maintain the ideal dog everyone desires.

    In the last decade we have trained and competed in Schutzhund and Conformation shows, a truly exciting and rewarding experience. One means of measuring success in this sport is "the trophy." Every trophy awarded has its own merit of importance and are the result of hardwork, endurance and teamwork. For my Team, who have shared my failures and victories, I dedicate these trophies. Foremost to my wife for her patience and understanding, to SVF Judge Tom Mitchell, who laid the foundation and provided support, when I was struggling to learn the sport in the early 90's. To the hands-on-bunch, Fred Herzberger, Halim and recently Son Nguyen who contributed their time, knowledge,opinion and criticism. Their assistance is greatly appreciated. And last but not least to my daughter Cristina for her technical support and putting up with my persistence to create this website. Thank you all very much.

Ruben R. Muego

Member SchH3 Club

Trainer, Breeder, Owner - vom Brennenbusch




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