Welcome to Matrix's homepage!
It's me in Florida (May, 2004) on the way from Key West to Miami with a very beautiful tree, that is called a Royal Poinciana Tree or just a Flame tree.
About myself: I have finished a few schools and I'm also translating everything fun and not fun from Finnish into Estonian and from Estonian into Finnish as a Free-Lancer translator, so call me if You have something to translate... :)
My hobbies are computers, sci-fi, music, digital-photography, travelling, mountain-biking, Scandinawian languages etc.
I have lived in Finland, Sweden and Norway. I love Norway! I got some very good friends and you'll find some pics of them on the site too.
Enjoy Your visit on the site!
Norge 2002
USA 2003
USA 2004
USA 2005
UPDATED: 20.1.2009
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