Scene from Poltergeist II: The Other Side

The Best Henry Kane Scene from Poltergiest II

Sunny Day. Sidewalk. Footsteps are heard and a tall mans shadow looms over. Camera flows up long tall body of an old man in a black suit and gentlemans hat. The man is pale white and has large black circles beneath his eyes. He sings a somber song as he walks slowly up the sidewalk.
God is in, his holy temple. Earthly thoughts, be silent now.

His words are muffled as the camera turns on his backside.
He sees Carol Anne. She was sitting on a blanket playing, It starts to rain when no clouds were in sight and she just sits there staring as Rev Kane gets closer. Robbie kept saying Carol Anne what is the matter. Then he ran for his mom. She ran out and said "baby come inside your getting soaked"
As the rain begins to downpour, the man holds his hand out and smiles as the water taps against his bony fingers. The man walks slowly into their driveway, and frowns evily as Carol Anne's mother picks her up to bring her inside the pouring rain. Carol Anne knows who he is..He knows who Carol Anne is.

Father: can we help you?
Mother: Have I seen you before?
(Man walks up the driveway) Kane: (loud southern preacher accent) That is possible. I get around,(waves his hands in the air like he is giving a sermon) love getting around. Love, talking to people, (looks up at the sky and then back at the family) Even on a rainy day. (he pets the dog, E Buzz, and the dog runs away.)'s shedding.. (He says as he picks the dog hair from his fingers. He then points to Carol Ann, with a large smile.) HI!
Carol Ann: (Scared and in her mother's arms) Hi
M: I saw you at the shopping mall..
HK: Sure you did! I remember, you're little angel here. Allow me to introduce myself, Henry Kane."(He extends his hand)
Carol Anne: mom..(slaps her mothers hand away from his.)
Father: I tell ya, we've had enough of door to door salesmen..
HK: Reverend Kane. What I sell is free..Mind if I come in and talk about it..
CA: Mom, I don't feel well..(Carol Annes mother brings her inside.)
F: You know I gotta tell, maybe we just talk from here. All right?(Father is on porch and Kane is on the step.)
M:Come on Robby(brings Robby inside.)
Kane is angry that Carol Anne went inside.)
HK: (Kane takes off his hat. His face and head are skinny and shaped like a skeleton) I'm glad we have this opportunity to talk, with your family out of the way. Because I believe you have a problem here.
F: yeah?
HK: Yeah...I believe there's an Indian living here with you?
F: Taylor..
HK: (Angrily) So that's what he calls himself now..You are in danger.
F:What do you mean?
I am with an organization who's concern is families like your own, families in crisis who are being preyed upon by fake magic and false solutions. Now now now I dont expect you to believe me now, but let me come in and talk to you about it.
No no, this is crazy. This is nuts.
Please! Open your hearts and your minds, to what I am saying. He is dangerous.
(mother sees kane in the mirror upstairs..)
HK: (Kanes face turns pale white) I can see that he has a strong hold on this family. Who do your children turn to? With their problems? They turn to don't they? They don't trust you...anymore. What you feel is that you're not man enough to hold this family together.
F: H-h-h-how do you know??!
HK: (Kane says slowly, and softly) Because, I'm smart. And I'm your friend. And I know what you are thinking.
F: How?!
HK: (Calmly and deceptively) Now let me in, and let's talk about it. Let me in..
F: You are my friend..
CA: (voice from inside) Daddy?
HK: Now! Before it's too late!!
F: NO.
F: Get the hell out of here!!
Sorry to see, you're still unconvinced..(Kane puts his hat back on. He waves to the father) Pleasure visiting with you. God is in his holy temple..(Kane walks down the driveway completing his somber song (aiding every good endeavor, guiding upward every day.) Kane then turns back to the father still on the porch and disappears as he walks by the station wagon. When he disappears, the rain stops..

Henry Kane was played by Julian Beck

From what I could gather, the song that Kane sang goes as follows:
God is in his holy temple.
Earthly thoughts, be silent now.
While with reverence we assemble.
And before his presense bow.
He is with us now and ever
As we call upon his name
Aiding every good endeavor
Guiding upward, everyday

This is an old hymn. I actually spoke to the guy who produced the soundtrack. The only information he had was that it was written many years ago and the version at the end of the movie (more upbeat, sung by a choir) seems to be the correct version. The version that Kane sings is only in the movie and is not available on the soundtrack. The upbeat version is on the soundtrack. If you have any information on this please Email me at 1
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