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Hello and welcome to my supra page...  This site is mainly a dedication to the marvelous work of art that is the Toyota Supra.  Specifically it is dedicated to the MKIII (1986.5-1992) which is because I own a 1990 Turbo.  Since I do not have any pictures of my MKIII yet you can check out other SOGI (Supra Owners Group International) members cars, and look at some SUP'D up MKIVs (1993-1998).  

Also, go check out the SOGI web site at www.supras.com to see what all the supra members are doing.  They currently have 2300+ members with over 500,000 hits to their site per month!

Have fun and come back often to see pics of MY car that will be posted soon!!!

If any SOGI or SONiC members do not want the pictures of their cars on my site, please contact me at rezin2000@hotmail.com Please excuse me for not asking for permission, it seemed like an unnecessary hassle.  Thanks for your support.

This page was last updated on 03/29/00

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