Welcome to my Home Page!!!

Hi! My name is Anna.

My pages will include my family, Polar Bears, Oddballz, Pets, and Other interesting things.

I'll tell you about myself. I live in Tucson, AZ. I live with my mother, step-dad, and my step-brother. I used to live in Sweden, but then I moved here. I will have a page on all the people, and some animals of my family.

We live in a one story house, which has three bedrooms, a guestroom, a livingroom, a kitchen and familyroom, and two bathrooms. In our back yard we had a birds-nest, but it probably got eaten up by a bobcat. This is how the Mrs. Mourning Dove looked the day before:

She got 'removed' by our local bobcat, and I never saw her agian... Sad but true.

Now I'm into Petz 3, and my adorable cat (Isa)Bella. She is soo sweet.

Meet my Mom, and my Step-Dad. They are my parents. I love them a lot.

Visit my step-brother's home page.

Look what they did to this bear! I can't believe they did that!

I love Polar Bears, that is why I have a whole page of Polar Bear Pictures.

I have the whole version of Oddball. If you don't know what they are visit my Oddballz page.

I'm going to update these pages as often as I can, so if you Reload or Refresh, you'll se the latest changes.

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13th March, 1999

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