Instructions for Installing Skins for Yahoo Messenger.

1. Using your unzip program, go to the following area on your hard drive. (This is assuming that Yahoo! Messenger is installed on your C drive, If not, accommodate for that by choosing the drive it is installed on.) C:\program files\yahoo!\messenger\skins\

2. BEFORE you unzip the four files, create a sub directory off of the file path above. For Example, if the Skin is called Flowers, you could create a sub directory and name it Flowers. It would look like this: C:\program files\yahoo!\messenger\skins\Flowers\

3. Unzip the four files into the sub directory you have created.

4. Open Yahoo! Messenger.

5. On the menu bar click on EDIT, from there choose PREFERENCES.

6. On the box that appears, choose the APPEARANCE tab.

7. Go down to the THEMES section. Using the drop down box where it says CURRENT THEME, choose the Directory name you just created.

8. Click APPLY, then click OK.

9. There you have it, your new skin should now be on Yahoo! Messenger.

Special THANKS to Mi*Girl for writing up these detail directions!!!!!

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Angel Themes

Holiday Themes

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Animal Themes

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