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Thank you for stopping by.

This is my home away from home

where I can talk about the second love

of my life

(my crafts)

I do have some pictures

of all the things that I have made.

I am always busy making

things for my friends and family.

Some of the things that I like to do:


(barbie clothes,sweaters, doll clothes,aphagans etc.) ,



potholders, scrubbies,

tops for towels,aphagans etc) ,

sewing,there is so many things

that I enjoy to do

that I can not

list all of them.

As I just enjoy working on my crafts.

My crafts let me relax

and it is good therapy.

If you have any kind of arthritis

these kinds of crafts help

keep your fingers working properly.

Helps with that annoying stiffness.

I do have disabling arthritis and psoriasis.

My crafts is the only enjoyment that I have.

There is many days that I have so much pain

that it hurts to move.

I make all my gifts

for family and friends.

I am always searching

for new ideas and patterns

for my next projects.

Marenka's projects

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candle in the wind

REMEMBER: Diana Princess of Wales

she was taken before her time

she will be sadly missed by alot of people.

Some places to visit about Diana Princess of Wales

you can e-mail me,as I love getting e-mail,

Please sign my guestbook.

So that I know who has visited my site.

Thank You.

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Some great places

where I have found my clipart

check it out! Graphics for webpages

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so that you can

come back and visit me again!

I hope that you enjoyed your visit

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