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My name is Drew and I'm a Kevin Smith fan (if you haven't noticed). This site has tons of Kevin Smith stuff. So enjoy!

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  • Clerks was Kevin Smith's first film that was taped in black and white (which I personally like). The movies about one clerk, Dante, who isn't even supposed to be there, and another clerk, Randal, that dosn't care if the customers were on fire he just wants to get paid and watch adult films. While one tries to find perfect love, and the other the perfect porno fill they still find time to play hockey on the roof, go to a wake, and try to satisfy the customers.


  • Dante-Brian O'Halloran
  • Randal-Jeff (that's all I could find out)
  • Veronica-Marilyn Ghigliotti
  • Caitlin-Lisa Spoonauer
  • Jay-Jason Mewes
  • Silent Bob-Kevin Smith
  • Bob's one line in Clerks
  • T.S. and Brodie are two regular guys who just got dumped by their significant others. While one morns over it (T.S.) the other just buys comics and eats cookies and coke. But while roaming the mall for entertainment they find out that T.S.'s ex-girlfrinds dad is playing his gameshow, Truth or Date, and offering his daughter as the prize. So they create a plan to wreck the stage with the help from
    Jay and Silent Bob. But when a mall security gaurd (LaFours) stops their plans they have to find a way to get on the game show themselves. This was a funny movie and wasn't filmed in black and white. The movies high points were the Dorknight (Silent Bob dressed as Batman), a 15 year old who is a senior writting a book about sex, Willam, a chunky guy who can't see the sailboat in one of those magic eye things, and Jay and Silent Bob unleashing the beast on the Easter Bunny.


  • Holden McNeil-Ben Affleck
  • Alyssa Jones-Joey Lauren Adams
  • Banky Edwards-Jason Lee
  • Hooper-Dwight Ewell
  • Jay-Jason Mewes
  • Silent Bob-Kevin Smith
  • Jay and Silent Bob!

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