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Hello, and welcome to Skipsterfilms, a group of young people from High Prairie, Alberta, Canada (go check the map, I DARE yah!) who spend MUCH too much time thinking about, writing, creating, acting in and directing films (not that there's anything wrong with that). If you're just starting out (or need some help along the way), scroll down to the Table of Contents for a list of helpful hints on a variety of subjects. If you actually care, read the entire page! We have info on the members of Skipsterfilms, what we've been doing lately and the films we're making (or have made). So, scroll down and enjoy!!!

What's New?Off into the wild blue yonder....

It's a funny thing, growing up. The Skipsters have scattered off into the world, some near and some far. As planned, Chase and I (Jodie) are in Lethbridge, Alberta, attending the University of Lethbridge. Damon and Darryl and Adam are still in High Prairie, working like dogs to get enough money to get their asses across the ocean to Europe. So, the Skipsterfilms crew are on sabatical for at least another five months. And then??? Who knows. Damon has been hinting from High Prairie that he's "finally found out what [he] wants to do with his life", and I'm going to assume that it has SOMETHING to do with film... He's been writing an awful lot, so it'll be interesting to go home at Christmas and see what he's cooked up for us to try.

Yes, after 3 years, the Hotmail staff booted us out of our account.*bastards*I suppose I understand, after all, we really were over the acceptable size limit by an awful lot. *bastards* And, of course, since Microsoft is obviously struggling finacially, they obviously can't afford any extra space on their server. *bastards* So, since we're no longer welcome at Hotmail *bastards*, we've taken up residence at yahoo- you can now reach us at --> Hopefully that'll work out a little better.

One more thing that's stopped working- our counter! This distresses me, we actually broke 10,000 and then the damn thing quit working! Ah well. E-mail us if you stop by, it makes us feel happy about our pathetic little lives.

Since we're now all "ahem" responsible adults, I thought it would be nice to put something back into the teen filmmaking community, since it treated us so very well over the past few years. When we first started out, it was always encouraging to read about other teen filmmakers who were actually MAKING FILMS rather than just talking about making them. So, I'd like to start a page where teens can offer their work to the world. If you'd like to show off your work or see what other people are doing, write us with some info on the project and how others can get it (ie: an address to write to for a copy, any cost there might be, webpage where it can be seen, etc.) A little information about your group or company would be appreciated too. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, so hopefully the response will be good. So, write us at the new address (listed at the bottom of the page) and we'll see what we can do!

<Meet the Skipsters...

Skipster 1: Damon Savill

Skipster 2: Darryl Stafford

Skipster 3: Jodie Gauthier

Skipster Tech: Chase Gibbon

Skipster 4: Adam Vandermeulen

Other skipsterfilms actors include Adriene Shapka, Mathew Delorme, Cory Anderson, Chelsey Nazar, Tracy Halldorson, Renee Houle, Megan Cox, Erin Pollack, Tera Kemp, Erica Bellerive and Lina Fridblum. Brett Hampton Once made a guest appearance as a homosexual political activist.

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