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Hola Peoples... Please Form One Single File Line and Proceed Carefully Ahead... Thank You...

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Please Do Not Shove... and NO MOSHING!!!

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Dude, Sign My Guestbook Guestbook Check It Out, Man- The Book

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That's My Very Own Bass... oh yeah baby

BOOKDOWNSPIND.GIF (9350 bytes)scrapbook and band pics check it out babe... heres my nifty scrap book... it contains great pictures of "my bands", articles and things of that sort...
CHAINLINKSPIND.GIF (6942 bytes)band links here you can find web sites for some really great bands... 
newball3.gif (13646 bytes)news Find out what's happening in the music world... the best thing is that you can check out what's happening around the Washington, DC area... concerts,festivals... etc... There are also some great links to music mags on the web...
CHAINLINKDARK.GIF (8441 bytes)cool links Here are some great links to other great pages... the links offered here are pages that are made by some of my coolest pals... the best link here is the link to a place where you can find guitar tabs.. best of all they have BASS tabs too!!... there's some funny stuff... and stuff that I donno belongs anywhere... tis great...

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MUSICNOTED.GIF (5075 bytes)song lyric of the day This here is rather cheesy stuff... these are just lyrics I found, that I think should be thought about in a serious tone... or lyrics that I thought were just too funny to screw over... I send a lyric to a group of my pals, now, every week... sorta...
PEACESPIND.GIF (9390 bytes)great quotes - Check out  some famous and not so famous quotes by me, my friends, some cool people, and some dead guys...
coming soon- I really donno yet
Yinyangd.gif (13047 bytes)thoughts Just some things that people (like me and my pals)  think about...

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