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Webrings are a great way to visit a lot of pages with a particular theme. You usually start with one site (such as this one) and follow the links to the next sites, touring the ring until eventually you return to the page you started on. Most of them also allow you to choose a random site on the ring, or to look at the list of sites included.

If you know of any pet bird related webrings to which I do not have links, please email me and let me know where to find them.

Note: occasionally the webring server ( is unavailable. If this is the case, none of these webrings will function properly, and you should try again later.

Webrings to which I belong:

This Cockatiel Circle site is owned by

Magdalena's Parrot HomePerch

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Graphics copyright 2000 by NACS

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This Conure Ring site is owned by


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Graphics copyright 1998 by Amber

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RINGNext Site

Ring of Bird-Buddies

This Bird-Buddies site is
owned by Magdalena.

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Ring of Bird-Buddies?

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Next Site
Logo by
Skye Weber

This Wings Around the World site is owned by
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Wings graphics copyright 1997 by Lori Bucevicius
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