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Whose voice I hear in the winds
and whose breath gives life
to all the world,
hear me!
I am small and weak,
I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty,
and make my eyes ever behold
the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made
and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise so I may understand
the things you taught my people.


Come join me in the search for your Ancesters,
while you injoy some beautiful graphics,
and Native American Culture.
Bring your family alone, because all of these sites
have been scaned for content.

Can anyone out there tell me the name of the Artist?
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YANUSDI'S HOME PAGE A guide to Discovering your Cherokee Ancestors

Native American Clothing Marie White does a beautiful job with her creations of Native American Clothing.

The boy who had lunch with God A Heart Warming story that you will like

The story of Rabbit Boy. A story about the world before we were discovered.

The Invitation by:Oriah Mountain DreamerYou have to read this one. It will warm your heart.

My Family Search I am searching for Tucker,Wilson,Coon,and Duke family's.

Native American Radio You might as well listen to some Indian Drums and Flutes while you are surfing the web.

Native Americans In the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is a must see site for anyone searching in North or South Carolina.

Ancesters.com This is the easy way to search your genealogy.

Running Bear's Search for his ancestersVisit with Running Bear and maby you can make a differance in his search and your own.

Lone Eagle Eye's RetreatBeautiful Native American Poems and graphics,for all to see and read

Southern Pow Wows Whether you are into the Pow Wow scene or not, this is a must see site. You never know! you might even get excited enought to get into your Native culture.

The Writing's of Julia White Very exciting site everyone should see. Don't miss this one.

Fox Valley Tanning A full inventory of leather goods for the craftsman at wholesale prices.

Cemetery Registration If you are serious about genealogy search, this is the site to look at very close.

Wilson Family Genealogy Genealogy forum for the Wilson family.

Tucker Family Genealogy Genealogy forum for the Tucker family.

The Coon Family GenealogyGenealogy forum for the Coon Family

Gray Family Genealogy genealogy forum for the Gray or Grey family.

Duke Family Genealogy
Genealogy forum for the Duke family.

Twin Souls

"Twin Souls" was created as a spiritual guide,
to be placed in the heart of a meditative place.
The magical part of this painting is what happens
when you cover either half of the face.

The right side of the portrait is female, the Feminine,
the Shadow Side, ruled by the Moon and intuitive visions.
Her sleeve is made of woven fabric as this is an attribute of
the feminine, to weave and fashion garments gathered from
plants and animals, imbued with the story of her people.
Her hand gently embraces and envelopes the masculine hand
as we are born of a woman
and return to the Womb/tomb of our Mother the Earth.

The left side of the portrait is male, the Masculine,
the Light Side, ruled by the Sun and embodies the fire
of the masculine polarity. The sleeve of his garment is made of
buckskin and symbolizes the knowing of animals,
the elements and nature. He embodies the essence of self-sacrifice,
service and protection. The eagle feather wand represents
his ability of mediate between heaven and earth.

"Twin Souls" is male/female, God/Goddess, Light/Dark,
Yin/Yang, Father/Mother, calm, listening and perceiving,
radiating strength and introspection, nobility and wisdom,
courage and benevolence that touches the heart and guides the Spirit.

Za is a Canadian artist currently living, and painting in Sedona.

To order or for more information:

ZaKalu Gallery

2675 W. Hwy 89A Suite 1120

Sedona, AZ 86336

Mes: (800)-674-8442 code 6368



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