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Imagine all of the best bands ever: NIRVANA, DEFTONES, HUM, Sunny Day Realistate, FAR, Foo Fighters, KoRn, Primus, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Tool, Helmet, Melvins, Failure, Led Zepplin, Metallica, Incubus, Beatles, ect. and put them all together with a new twist and with that spirit that died years ago known by the media as the 'Grunge' scene. Almost forced, we have to listen to whats left in ROCK today....with all of that crap they play on the radio and Mtv all day. Don't get me wrong..some bands are still kickn' it today and some of the newer stuff is great, but it's rarely seen or recognized. Were here as BLIS to bring this back...even if it's just to a few thousand who happen to catch a show around this area....it's better than nothing. Even though we are only 16-17, there's still hope in our eyes for the future and this site can maybe help that along...SO PLEASE keep an open mind and visit this site often because it should change weekly with concert info, pics, links, BLIS sound and album info, and anything else that I feel necesary.


BLIS played two shows at the Anacortes Teen Center in the last month. One
on Nov. 7 and one on
Nov. 13 with acts such as: ELY&JEREMY and Matt&Cassady. Nov. 13th
show went down with great reviews. They played a really full set and had an Awsome jam
at the end with a lot of trashing...it was High energy at it's best.
Even though the venue is a little small, Blis is trying to make it a cool place like it once was. BLIS has decided (after NOV.13th's show) that they will try and play the smaller venues to increase concert goers.
BLIS had a show at mercer Island set-up for the 13th of NOV., but that was gladly moved to
the end of FEB. of 1999, and it will be a really good show with larger bands to appear also!!!
KNIGHTS of COLUMBUS SHOW!..... blis is playing a show on DEC. 4. Blis has spent so much time playing in other places that they decided to book a show in their home town for a change. Blis has asked personally for these acts to appear: BARGAIN TUESDAY,
LACTOSE INTOLERANT and special geusts PROZACK STAPLE. Tapes of Prazack Staple will be sold! Expect a big cool show. Admision is only $3, or $2 and a can of food for the help house. Please come to support a good cause and have a blast at the same time.
*Update* the show went alright. The turn-out was moderate, but could of been a lot better. Even still; BLIS raised enough to donate over $70 and over 2 boxes of canned food to the help house. Prozack Staple was a highlight of the show. Lactose had some diffucultys, but still managed to play well. Craig showed near the middle and played for the last time (It brought back memories).
~PARKER HALL ROCK IN!(canceled)- Jan 30th at Oak Harbor's Parker Hall. (more info to come)
~!*ROXVILLE GRANGE BENEFIT SHOW!- FEB 6th at the Grange. Come See PROZACK STAPLE, the WEIRDING WAY, PULL AND BE DAMMED, and of course: ~BLIS~. It's going to be a really good show for a good cause!
~*UPDATE*ANACORTES TEEN CENTER, FEB. 27- *CANCELED* Doors open at 7:00, only $2 cover charge. PULL AND BE DAMMED may be performing, and maybe more. Free Pizza and soda!! *this show has been canceled, but there will be a new date and more bands in for the near future.*
- *update*
Bands to appear are: Arama, Prozack Staple, Bargain Tuesday, Within, Lactose Intolerant, and BLIS! Help make it a big show. Lots of different types of music. Doors open at 6:00. There are three differnt types of Cover charges: $5, $4 W/ a can of food (goes to charity), or $3 w/ two cans of food. You can E-mail for directions. Albums will be sold by some of the bands!

~OAK HARBOR KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL, April 23-This is Oak Harbor's annual battle of the bands. A friendly concert of large porportions. Bands to appear are: (personal Blis friends) the DEGLORIFIED DIVAS, PROZACK STAPLE, the WIERDING WAY, new band from Mt. Vernon: NEVER AGAIN, and the P-funk masters ~BLIS~. Admission is only $3. Doors open at 5:00pm and show starts at 6:00pm. And music DJ/intermission-master will be by special guest Mario Sorianto of the late CORROSIVE8.

~ANACORTES TEEN CENTER, May 7-shows starts at 7:00. Band to play now are: The DEGLORIFIED DIVAS. Admision is only $2, free food and soda is also provided! You can find direction on old links from other teen center shows.

~SHORLINE, June 5th- (more info to come)

~REXVILLE GRANGE, August 28th- Prozack Staple, Captain Fathom, the VELVETEEN, BLIS!

~KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, Friday October 8th -the Velveteen, Bargain Tuesday, BLIS! We have been recently informed that this will be "the last show at the Knights that doesn't require a cop's presence". Come support the local music scene! (contact blis_@hotmail.com).

~OAK HARBOR HIGH SCHOOL HOOTENANNY'99, October 13th- This is OHHS' fascist talent show. Come see BLIS kick a lot of Ass with their song "TRIP", we're shutn' this motha down. Show starts at 7:00.

BLIS Teen & Music CHAT!!!!
= lead guitarist and vocals. 16 years of age. Original member of BLIS. samick, lightining guitar, fender jagstang. Fender amps. Song/lyrics writer.(NEW! more pics)
= drums, backing vocals. 16 years of age. Original member of BLIS. TAMA & PEARL drums, TAMA hardware, zildjian, pro-mark 5b-2b, remo pinstripe, dw bass pedal. Song/lyrics writer.
DAVID WENDLING= bass,Original member, rejoined in JAN'99. 16 years of age. First Show was at the Grange. Peavy, Fender. song writing on new songs. pics to come.


-*UPDATED!!!!!!*BLIS audio clips of all sorts, including NEW MP3s.*
*LYRICS to all the songs featured.*
If you can't make it to BLIS shows, this is your chance to expeirance bliss in your home. Contact BLIS and ask them about their new ALBUM coming out at the cd release party Holloween week!...avialable to anyone in the world. If you really like what you here you can always contact BLIS for booking new shows in the area, or even label deals....since BLIS is not currently on a label, but offers have been tossed up! (more info to come.)

- Seattle Bands Page -home to some of the greatest bands. Check out the best band there TRIBUTE.
Nirvana fan club - a cool site of great pics, tabs, everything. Mike and George are members, and they e-mail you new cool Nirvana news every month.

Georgey's nirvana site (not Pardington) -interesting personal stuff. good pics, ect.
deftones guitar and bass tabs

-PROZACK STAPLE -an awsome local band! catch all the shows you can!

-Lactose Intolerant a cool Oak Harbor band! Breaking standards of Christian music everywhere while keeping it good!
~Lorenji Shift- a cool emo band!
~SOILENT GREEN- kid tested mother approved!
(view guestbook for link)
BLIS information, site and band comments, and BLIS members can be reached at~


Add this cool BLIS banner or link to your page, and BLIS will do the same for you. Just add the banner to your page and E-mail blis including your site URL and the link info.
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