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i have not updated my page in two years and i feel that i am doing shame to sublime and radiohead...

if you want to take over this page for me just email me at and you can have it... only if you will do justice... otherwise it is going bye bye...

radiohead and sublime, in my mind, are two of the best bands the music circuit has ever introduced. both bands started years ago but just recently have become bigger than life. sublime's career was set afire by the timely death of their lead singer, Brad Nowell... radiohead on the other hand has been around for years, but made a hit in the US with their hit album: ok computer. both bands have successfully made an impact on music with their original sounds and characters. i have tried to put a good page together showing off the life of both bands. this is just the beginning... so enjoy radiohead and sublime, two of the best bands to ever reach our generation.

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