Welcome to one of the best LUNAR information sites on the NET !!! If you are a big fan of the great games LUNAR : The Silver Star, LUNAR 2 : Eternal Blue, or would like to know about LUNAR : Silver Star Story ... then you have reached the right spot. Also, if you want some help I have some FAQ's and soon to come Walkthroughs and Charts. My goal is to be finished this page by APRIL 1st, 1998. If you have any comments, questions, complaints, or suggestions you can reach me at Enjoy my page !
Links Page Pics of My Friends Check out my cool Lunar Comic The Lunatic Parade It is only 6 pages long but is really cool. Download program for LUNAR 2 : Eternal Blue. This enables you to convert all of the PCM files to WAV files. It may be helpful to use the PCM Readme File. And for an index of what file is what files are what sounds, view the LUNAR 2 PCM Index. Check out the Story of Lunar : The Silver Star and the Story of Lunar : Eternal Blue.
If you haven't played these games yet, I suggest not reading the stories. I have the lyrics for the following LUNAR songs: LUNAR TSS song, LUNAR TSS song (Japanese Version), The Eternal Blue Theme If you are stuck in a part of LUNAR : The Silver Star, or LUNAR : Eternal Blue you may find the LUNAR : The Silver Star FAQ or the LUNAR 2 : Eternal Blue FAQ to come in handy. I have some music from the LUNAR games. They are all in MIDI form. Here is some background music from LUNAR : The Silver Star -- althena.mid, betrayal.mid, quark.mid, talon.mid. I also have some MIDI's from LUNAR : Eternal Blue -- destiny.mid, ebtheme.mid, leo.mid, lucia_thme.mid, ocredits.mid, oscreen.mid, ozophar.mid, pntgulia.mid, tpeak.mid. Finally, I got this battle theme from LUNAR : Silver Star Story -- sssbattle.mid. You may use any of these in any way you see fit. I have nearly 80 screen shots from LUNAR Silver Star Story. I have divided them into 3 pages -- SSS Screen Shots Page 1, SSS Screen Shots Page 2, SSS Screen Shots Page 3. Also visit my Babes Of LUNAR : Silver Star Story image page. I must warn that SOME OF THE CONTENT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR AN INDIVIDUAL UNDER THE AGE OF 14. Sign or View My Guestbook This site has been accessed Times since Feb '98
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