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Don't you just love Shampoo!? And isn't she cute?

Shampoo is a cute girl from a remote Amazon tribe, located in China. She became attached to Ranma when he accidently beated her in a fight! Shampoo was looking for the girl Ranma, when she ran into boy Ranma. Ranma tried to stop her and accidently hit her over the head with the wierd weapon she was carrying. Ranma thought he was done for because when he was training in China he fell into a Jusenkyo pool that made him turn into a girl when he hit cold water. After vigorous training they came to Shampoo's Amazon village, tired and hungry they ate Shampoo's first prize dinner! (There was a contest in the tribe first prize was a big dinner feast) Ranma-chan (girl form) was faced to fight Shampoo to win the dinner she ate! Ranma speedily beat her and to his surprise Shampoo kissed her, then ran after her all over China. What was she tring to do? KILL HER! After a while Ranma went back to Japan, and was engaged to Akane. Shampoo appeared and tried to kill him. Then Ranma-kun (boy form) tried to stop her and her weapon flew off and knocked her out! She got up, but this time she kissed boy Ranma! To his surprise she didn't want to kill him but marry him! It was Amazon law that she had to kill any woman outsider that bested her, and marry any man who beat her. In Japan she went to work at her Great Great Grandmothers cafe (CatCafe/nekohanten)

Here are four *ok* scans of Shampoo, B&W. Shampoo1,Shampoo2,Shampoo3,Shampoo4.

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