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Don't EVEN ASK...! Thats right everyone. Welcome to the shrine of Hiko Seijuro, master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu. What? Still in shock at the presence of true greatness? But of course you are. (genius pose) But thanks to our great webmaster , I now have a place I can also call home, instead of that crappy shack on the mountain. You'd think a guy that's as cool and as deadly as I am have would get a regular pension from the Meiji government just for being alive! Ingrates...yare yare. Anyhow, I hope you find something useful on this page, or just something interesting(it IS me, of course it's interesting) and we hope you'll visit again!
I think he's mad, guys...

A shrine for Hiko? Are you on crack?

No in fact, I'm not. ^_^ As the grandmaster himself just said, this is the only shrine on the internet devoted to Hiko Seijuro. Hiko is the absolute epitome of badass, and that's all there is to it. Any Rurouni Kenshin episode with Hiko in it is always a great one to see. Not because of his ability alone, but the great comic relief he brings as well. So, I wanted to make a shrine that is, hopefully, worthy of him.

Also on this page you'll find links to some of my other pages, such as my Z car, and all kinds of anime MP3's, which I plan to post each week. If anyone has a request or something they'd like to contribute, feel free to E-Mail me.

This page does contain spoilers!
Other than that, feel free to browse...

Here's one Hiko... No longer animated = quicker load time!  Woo hoo! ...and another?!  Oro?
Date Description
June 29, 1999 Been a while, everyone!
I've added the Seiyuu section, and also how Watsuki came up with Hiko!
And on a random note I put up a little page about me, in case you care. That's all for now, I've got some pix coming soon!
May 6, 1999 Hey everyone! Finals are over....and there's no new update right now. ^_^
Warui na. I'm going to add some stuff in a few days. Anyway sorry there's nothing new right now, but fear not! An actual update is on the horizon!
April 29, 1999 Yes, a prompt, recent update! Masaka! :)
Things added this time around...
  • Another pic of OVA Hiko in the Image Gallery
  • Review of OVA Soundtrack in Music Section
  • , including a big wallpaper of the cover I scanned for 800x600 users!
Well, that's all for the moment...I'll have some more fanfics up after finals, and I'll probably redo the layout while I'm at it (don't worry, I don't believe in frames) which I hope can improve the design and/or interface a bit.
And I'll do the Episode summaries. Really.

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